yoga mat making you sick

Is Your Yoga Mat Making You Sick?

As we kick off a new year, 2018, there are thousands of conversations about goal setting, especially related to improvements to health. You might be making changes to your diet, workouts, and mind-set. Including yoga in your life or committing to yoga in a deeper way could be one of your resolutions. If yoga is […]

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healthy ayurvedic teas

Healthy Ayurvedic Teas to Warm You Up

For many, it’s winter and it’s quite cold outside! Why not warm up with healthy Ayurvedic teas?   I’m a huge fan of teas made by my friend Idit Or – founder of A&I Nutreats. Idit uses Ayurvedic recipes in all her tea blends for drinkers to appreciate not only the delicious and soothing flavors, […]

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top 3 menstrual cups

Top 3 Menstrual Cups for 2018

Guest post & menstrual cup reviewer: Jackie Bolen   Discover our picks of the top 3 menstrual cups for 2018, starting with the cheapest one and going from there. We hope that every single menstruating person will have in their hands healthier feminine product options.   Menstrual cups are more popular than ever these days. […]

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womb thanksgiving mad lib

Play a Womb Thanksgiving Mad Lib

  When is the last time you played with your womb and directed positive energy and appreciation to down there?   As we get close to wrapping up 2017, why not reclaim your sense of ___________ [noun] and __________ [noun] through your birthing energy center.   ’Tis the season to give thanks to your _____________ […]

chrysalis of #metoo

Ruminations Post Episode of Inside the Chyrsalis of #MeToo

I’ve been ruminating too much about my recent episode on The Womb Happy Hour about the #MeToo movement.   What’s funny is that during the show, I talked about how women tend to over think things and it prevents them from acting – making decisive decisions and making forward movement. Over-thinking doesn’t optimally serve women. […]

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sports menstruation

Ayurveda Perspectives on Sports and Menstruation

Guest post on sports and menstruation written by Sinu Joseph  Post originally released in Note from Lorraine: If you’re currently working out in the United States, odds are that if you’re a woman you’re powering through your exercise and training routines. When’s that last time you thought about how your periods  and exercise regimen […]

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