10 Observations of a Malti-Poo Living with an Alternative Healer

Louie, a blend of Maltese and poodle, is my seventeen-month-old dog. Although I picked him out online, our partnership was sealed at our first meeting at the breeder. He kept jumping on top of my pocketbook, which I’d set on the floor, as if to say “take me home!”

My canine bestie has created many daily laughs, joyful feelings, and lots of activity since he arrived. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary of living together. During the course of the year, I’ve wondered a million times what he’s thinking about. These observations are what I suspect he would share if he could use words:

1. Mistakes happen.

Sure I’ve had many accidents in my apartment, especially when I first arrived. We both have learned to adjust and go with the flow. Timing and rhythm are learned skills.

2. We’re here to play and have fun.

When I see smoke coming out of your head from thinking too much for too long at the computer, I bring toys over, bark, or jump on you to get you to play. Sometimes you grumble about being busy, but it doesn’t take long for you to get into the game and laugh. The best play time is when I run around the apartment in a frenzy while you put on music and break into dance.

3. Challenges create opportunities for deeper bonds.

The time I leapt off the couch and seriously hurt my left leg was scary. Thank you for taking care of me. When you fell and hurt your hand and knee, I didn’t like to see you in so much pain, and that’s why I threw up on the couch next to you when you were cleaning your wounds. Snuggling helped to calm both of us down.

4. Just because you don’t see something with your eyes doesn’t mean it’s not there.

My sense of smell is a lot more potent than yours. Sometimes you don’t believe that there is something I want beyond a closed door or under the couch, because you don’t see it right away, but it’s there. This kind of sense is similar to the energy work you do as an alternative healer with your clients—a lot of times you can’t see an energy blockage, but you often feel it’s there.

5. Can’t get enough of the Sharpies!

When you spend time drawing, you get into a different kind of zone of being. Time slows down—you seem relaxed, and the energy in the room feels creative and full. I love that time, because it’s easy for me to steal a Sharpie marker, and it takes you a while to notice that I’m chewing on one.

6. Walks are more than just about pee and poop.

I get that I’m supposed to do my business outside during our walks. Going outside is also about stopping to smell and check out the sites in the fresh air. Sometimes you forget that. It’s about meeting and greeting other dogs and people. We both have made many friends just by saying “hello.” You say “hello” by smiling, and I say “hi” with a sniff to the backside.

7. Your clients are amazingly resilient and beautiful.

I’m not sure what your adventures are like when you leave our place. The times when clients come for sessions at home, I love when they pet and play with me! I can’t help but notice that each person shares extraordinary stories about his or her life. Your clients should give themselves more treats and praise for being uniquely special.

8. I’m willing to be vulnerable.

I feel joy holding a bully stick with my paws while lying on my back. I trust that if I let my guard down to expose my belly and open up, I’ll be able to fully express and feel my bliss. I may not be able to ask for help, but you seem to be able to tell when I need it, and I gladly receive your help—especially if it involves removing prickly twigs from my coat and paws.

9. Catch is always a new game.

We play catch a few times a day. You might think it’s the same old game, but to me, it’s a fresh new wonder each time we play. Just like a brand new day, every throw is unique to me and presents a new opportunity for adventure, interaction, and fun.

10. I feel unconditional love.

My love for you has no conditions. It’s a pure deep feeling. It’s not really about what you do, it’s about you just being you. Although . . . I love you that much more when you give me my favorite treat.

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