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lorraine1In September of 2008 my gynecologist told me I needed to have my uterus removed due to the threat of cancer and uterine hyperplasia.

Not willing to give up my uterus, Operation Save Uterus was born. 

I saved my uterus and learned to connect to my mind, body and spirit with the help of various alternative and complementary treatments.

In ancient Egypt and Greece, people thought that the uterus wandered around a woman’s body in search of peace. In 2016 there still remains a lot of mystery and taboo surrounding the uterus and its related organs- ovaries, thyroid, pituitary glands and breasts. Slowly the tide is changing, but there’s still an opportunity for more awareness!

My uterus was my starting point on my journey to mind-body-spirit health, but I learned that our organs do not work in isolation from each other.

Just as our organs don’t work in isolation from each other, we don’t work apart from each other- we’re all in this together. The more information a woman has, the better she is equipped to make the best health choice for herself.  The inspired intention of this site is to share information.

With my uterus intact, feeling healthier than I have in the past twenty years, I now help women (and men) to be inspired to connect to their own health and healing ability using different alternative energy modalities. I put down my pen working as a business analyst on software projects in the financial industry and picked up my energy wand to create positive health shifts working with people in my healing practice and writing blogs and my memoir.

I’m an Usui Reiki Master and certified in Quantum Energy Transformation, Integrated Energy Therapy and Quantum Touch.

In my free time, I like to play the piano, doodle and enjoy improv classes in NYC. Long walks with my dog, traveling and hanging out with friends always makes me smile.

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My Media and Awards





  • 2014 & 2015 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner



  • 2013 & 2016 Bronze Stevie Award Winner – Women Helping Women



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