accurate labeling of menstrual products act of 2016

Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016: Call to Action

Are you interested in protecting your female reproductive health? If you answered yes, then I’m asking for your help to sign this petitionAccurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016 (H.R. 5916) to require companies that make menstrual cups, menstrual pads, tampons, and therapeutic vaginal douche apparatuses to include a list of ingredients on the label in the United States.

Huge thanks to the valuable efforts of Women’s Voices for the Earth and  Grace Meng, D-N.Y for sponsoring the bill.

Why is this incredibly and urgently important?

Here are some important reasons to consider and spread the word about this legislation:

1)      Women are using hygiene products near their baby making and hormone producing area of their bodies. This area is highly absorbable – the ingredients of these products are quick to go into a woman’s bloodstream. If you’re concerned about the foods your put in your body, you should also be aware of the chemicals you’re ingesting “down there.”


2)      The mysterious ingredients in these products are linked to cancer, endocrine disruptors, toxic shock syndrome, fertility and reproductive issues, asthma and irritation. The list of potential harmful effects just stinks! It sure doesn’t help that companies are using fake toxic fragrances in these products made with phthalates – also linked to breast cancer, type II diabetes, obesity, autism, male fertility issues and more!


3)      Even though these products are regularly used by a gazillion women there hasn’t been a lot of research and investigation on them. Let’s face it, things are slowly changing but the topic of menstruation is not generally trending or talked about enough. Also, there’s a loop hole on disclosing ingredients because pads and tampons are considered medical devices so companies currently can get away with not disclosing what’s in them. It’s time for serious change!


Common sense would dictate that harmful chemicals wouldn’t even be used in such an important and intimate part of a woman’s body. For now, it’s critical for women to at least be aware of what’s in these products to make well informed decisions to protect their health.


Please take a minute of your day and take action  in order to make  the Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016 a reality.

Share this opportunity with your family, girlfriends and men in your life. It impacts everyone!  (Sign here.)