Fruits and Vegetables Do Make a Difference – Amy Yapp’s Journey to Health

amy-yapp-bridge I am excited to share Amy Yapp’s compelling story of how she reclaimed her health from a serious immune system disorder through nutrition and lifestyle changes twelve years ago. Amy is a close friend and former roommate from Boston College. Although many of our stories from back in the day are not for print, this is one I’m eager and proud to convey. Amy is truly passionate about helping others to improve their health, and her story has inspired many others to do the same.

Today, you’ll find Amy either running around with her two busy boys or teaching a yoga class, but that wasn’t always the case. Finding herself chronically ill and facing invasive testing and debilitating treatments, she became determined to find another way to live her life. She reached a turning point when a trusted friend asked if she ever heard of Juice Plus+ capsules. That simple question became a catalyst for many exciting and healing changes to come.

In Amy’s Words

Can you describe what health issues you experienced?

My immune disorder made me feel sick with severe allergies, asthma, sores that would not heal, digestive and sinus issues, and debilitating fatigue. There were fainting spells, 911 calls, and emergency trips to the ER. I had a bacteria in my gut—more commonly contracted by people with allergies and immune issues—that went misdiagnosed for over a year and left me with three ulcers. The doctors put me on strong antibiotics that caused horrible side effects, and made me feel worse. Feeling too embarrassed to say that I was sick again, I lied to friends about why I couldn’t attend playdates or parties. I felt trapped and anxious. I often wondered how I would get through the day.

Being sick for an extended period of time is extremely frustrating and difficult. What was one of the hardest or lowest times?

One of my worst moments came from a call from my immunologist. She told me I would need globulin intravenous infusions every three weeks for the rest of my life. She was so confident about this plan after reading my lab results, she went ahead and scheduled my first appointment in Boston and told me that I had “the blood work of an MS patient.” My family began looking into how they could donate their blood to help me. Feeling shattered by the diagnosis, there was something deep inside me that knew the proposed treatment couldn’t be right. Luckily, when I received that call from my doctor, I already felt a little better from taking Juice Plus+ for a couple of months and receiving acupuncture treatments. I am extremely grateful that I trusted that “little voice” inside me and got a second opinion.

What helped to turn your health around for the better?

Fortunately, I got to meet with a top immunologist in Boston. He confirmed my gut instinct and suggested that I continue what I was doing and put all new treatments on hold. He sent me home with more antibiotics, but I knew I was onto something using Juice Plus+ and going for acupuncture. I left the hospital that day determined to learn more about natural healing and why fruits and vegetables in a capsule worked for me when many other vitamins and supplements didn’t make a difference. I got serious about my health and made it my top priority. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

How did you feel using Juice Plus+? What kind of changes did you notice?

The first thing I noticed—I didn’t need to lie down every day. My energy felt stronger and my digestion improved. My body enthusiastically welcomed the twenty-five fruits, vegetables, and grains that Juice Plus+ provides. This came as a complete shock. My EpiPen sat nearby the first time I ingested Juice Plus+, because for many years, I hadn’t been able to tolerate fruits and vegetables without an allergic reaction. For example, a bite of an apple would cause my lips to swell and my throat to itch. Amazingly, the apple ingredient in Juice Plus+ not only didn’t bother me, it began to heal me. I no longer required eight Imodium to get through the day, and my fingernails—in constant pain, discolored, ridged, and split—started to actually look and feel healthy. A painful cut on my lip that refused to get better for over a year finally healed. Another big step occurred when I felt energized enough to try a yoga class. Although I’d tried yoga just for fun a decade earlier and hated it, I saw it as a steppingstone to get back into exercise. I truly missed being an avid exerciser. To my surprise, I left that first class feeling lighter and breathing easier, and I was hooked.

What was one of your best moments during your healing process?

One of my greatest moments came when my regular immunologist contacted me to report that my immune markers were in the normal range. I asked her, “why?” without telling her about Juice Plus+, and she said she had no idea, since my levels previously compared to those of an MS patient. I felt pure joy after that conversation, and her findings continue to motivate me to share the importance of nutrition and how Juice Plus+ can help.

The fact that I am teaching and touching the lives of hundreds about nutrition and wellness brings me happiness–an important part of my own health.

Juice Plus+ not only turned your health around, but you have created a thriving business sharing the benefits of whole food nutrition. What prompted you to get involved in the business?

I was sharing JuicePlus+ with people I cared about long before I ever realized there was a thriving business behind it. I wondered if a JuicePlus+ paycheck could replace and possibly surpass my tutoring checks. Today, I see my paycheck as a direct reflection of the number of people I’m able to help with their own health and wellness journeys, and it feels amazing to know that I’m making a difference. Whether it’s my vegan friend who wants “nutritional insurance” in order to benefit from a wide variety of phytonutrients, or a busy mommy friend who no longer feels exhausted and now has peace of mind, because her kids receive the health benefits kale and broccoli offers. My husband and I see this residual income stream as a way to pay for my son to attend music camp, help with college funding, and hopefully pay for a second home someday. There is also the FUN factor! We are now able to grow our own produce at home using our Tower Garden, a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s great for the environment, and my family and I love and enjoy growing our own veggies . . . no more weeding!

It’s fantastic that you opened up to yoga again, even though you didn’t like it when you first tried it many years ago. What made you want to teach it? How did teaching yoga improve your health?

What Juice Plus+ did for my physical self, yoga did for my spiritual self. Physically, I noticed I stood taller and could breathe easier. Spiritually, yoga taught me about surrender and letting go of the way I thought things “should be.” A teacher at heart, I felt motivated to help others connect to their bodies and feel grounded and less stressed. Teaching since 2003, it’s my privilege to guide others with their yoga practice, and I’m grateful for the connections I have with my fellow teachers and incredible students. Both the Juice Plus+ and yoga communities are a source of grace and daily inspiration. I can’t imagine my life without them!

What does health mean to you?

I am co-teaching a yoga workshop this fall and we’ve called it, “Radiant Health.” Radiant health is simply the practice of doing the best we can with the bodies we have. Just as yoga is a practice, so is health. And guess what? It changes. And then it changes again. Even in moments when challenges arise, there is always an opportunity to choose to feel light and bright with hope. One of my greatest joys is to empower people to access their own strengths and healing abilities. Juice Plus+ and yoga are my foundation for my health.

My difficult health journey provided me the awareness and freedom to live my priorities–be around for my kids, teach my yoga classes, and put family/friends at the top of the list. I hope that some part of my story touches something in someone else.

Thank you Amy for sharing your beautiful story!

Personally, I will be forever grateful to Amy for suggesting that I try Juice Plus+ more than ten years ago, during a time when I had no clue just how badly I needed something as potent as Juice Plus+ in my system. There wasn’t a day that I missed taking Juice Plus+ during Operation Save Uterus, and I still use it faithfully. Like Amy, the whole food nutrition that Juice Plus+ provides both aided my healing and increased my awareness of the vital importance of phytonutrients.

About Amy

Amy resides with her husband and two sons in Stow, Massachusetts. She enjoys teaching yoga at Revolution Community Yoga in Acton, Massachusetts. She also is actively engaged in sharing the benefits of Juice Plus and the Tower Garden. To learn more read here and here.

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