chrysalis of #metoo

Ruminations Post Episode of Inside the Chyrsalis of #MeToo

I’ve been ruminating too much about my recent episode on The Womb Happy Hour about the #MeToo movement.   What’s funny is that during the show, I talked about how women tend to over think things and it prevents them from acting – making decisive decisions and making forward movement. Over-thinking doesn’t optimally serve women. […]

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sports menstruation

Ayurveda Perspectives on Sports and Menstruation

Guest post on sports and menstruation written by Sinu Joseph  Post originally released in Note from Lorraine: If you’re currently working out in the United States, odds are that if you’re a woman you’re powering through your exercise and training routines. When’s that last time you thought about how your periods  and exercise regimen […]

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womb attack

Are You Experiencing a Womb Attack?

Odds are you’ve heard lots of information about what causes heart attacks—aka myocardial infarctions—and how to prevent them.   Ladies, I’d like to pose this question: Have you ever considered that your womb or female reproductive health could also encounter a kind of “down there” attack that could influence the health of your menstrual flow, […]

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womb happy hour

Five Shots of The Womb Happy Hour

In case you’ve been busy relaxing during the end of the summer and didn’t have a chance to tune into The Womb Happy Hour radio show on Voice America Health & Wellness, here are five quick shots of highlights of recent episodes for you to have fun with:   1) Connecting to Your Intuitive Mind […]

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spread your legs

Rethinking Spreading Your Legs

When I was a little girl, my mom stressed keeping my legs shut. A recurring phrase was, “All boys want to do is spread your legs from east to west.” In gym class, I never felt comfortable doing splits, and boys weren’t even on the mat doing that activity with me, so early on, I […]

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Powerful Beyond Measure: Claim Your Power from Deep Within

      Guest Post by Cynthia Mazzaferro   Do you feel confused, alone, disrespected, not valued, unloved, unheard etc…?    So many of us struggle with these negative thoughts and emotions only to find ourselves in the Dys-Cycle of Self which leads to dissatisfaction, dys-function and dis-ease.   Yes, we create so much, if […]

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