healing endometriosis

A Womb Journey: Unwinding and Healing Endometriosis

My name is Lorraine Giordano. I’m a Jersey girl who was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006. Such a silly sounding name for such a painful condition. A nurse dropped off the endometriosis news after I had laparoscopic surgery to remove a couple of cysts. It felt like she’d dropped off a fertility bomb. My doc […]

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accurate labeling of menstrual products act of 2016

Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016: Call to Action

Are you interested in protecting your female reproductive health? If you answered yes, then I’m asking for your help to sign this petition – Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016 (H.R. 5916) to require companies that make menstrual cups, menstrual pads, tampons, and therapeutic vaginal douche apparatuses to include a list of ingredients […]

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lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Aids Breast Health

  Guest Post by: Loretta T. Friedman, RN,MS,DC,CCN,CNS,DACBN,DCBCN BREAST HEALTH & LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE The question is no longer “Am I toxic,” but rather “How toxic am I?” Unfortunately, we live in an extremely noxious world today. The foods we eat are full of pesticides, and the water we drink rates 3/ppm for chlorine. If this […]

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How Are You Wearing Your Breasts?

I’ve been thinking  a lot about my boobs and our collective bosoms lately. It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness month. When my boobs started to bloom I was nervous about them growing too big or small. The only time I ever got into a physical altercation was defending my boobs in junior high school after […]

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Reiki Level 1 Class

The word Reiki combines two Japanese words: Rei which means  “Higher Power.” Ki which is “life force energy”. Reiki is actually “guided life force energy.” Have you ever thought about connecting to your energy system and how it can help you heal and grow? This two day class is for you! Date: Sept 26th & 27th (Sat/Sun) Time: 10:00AM – […]

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Re-Connecting to your Ovaries – the Bakers!

September is National Ovarian Cancer awareness month. In honor of our amazing and powerful ovaries, here are highlights and excerpts from previous blog posts about our special girlfriends, the bakers. These girlies take care of our eggs, produce a majority of our female hormones and actively engage in vital messages with other important organs. As […]

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