womb happy hour

Operation Save Uterus: The Womb Happy Hour Radio Show

  As I sit at my desk in my apartment, my mind races about what I’ll say on my first radio show—The Womb Happy Hour on VoiceAmerica. My stomach feels tight and anxious. I realize it’s time to have a chat and connect to my girlies—Team Uterus (My uterus, vagina, ovaries, cervix, clitoris, and fallopian […]

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Feminine Energy Puzzle: Ancient and Modern Patterns

Thought it might be fun to highlight some old and new ideas on feminine energy and patterns. The perspective is framed in history and not meant in a religious context. Answers posted on November 14, 2014.   Across: 3. A matrix or shape created with the intersection of two circles with the same radius. Known as a mandorla or vulva. The […]

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How Are You Wearing Your Female Reproductive Organs?

I recently participated at the first annual Catch the Wave Wellness Festival in New York City, hosted by Ripple Effect Artists and Gilda’s Club NYC. I enjoyed connecting with other participating vendors and meeting attendees who were excited to learn more about different health solutions. Prior to the wellness festival, I thought, wouldn’t it be […]

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menstrual leave debate

Menstrual Leave Debate—Keep Kicks to the Nuts Out of the Conversation

A recent article in The Atlantic—Should Paid Menstrual Leave Be a Thing  by Emily Matchar re-sparked the debate about whether women should have the option to take a day or two off for menstrual leave. Many Asian countries (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia) offer menstrual leave benefits. Japan has offered this option to women […]

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The Moon and Menstrual Cycles: Keeping In Sync

          One of the perks of growing up in Suffern, New York was spending time at the Suffern High School planetarium. As a young girl I’d stare in awe into the darkness at the stars, planets and moon. The planets reminded me of different types of candy and the constellations appeared as an amazing game […]

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Operation Save Uterus — Day 5 (September 2008)

          A few days into Operation Save Uterus, I felt like I was riding a strong wave of highs and lows. I was energized by the informative suggestions my holistic healer, Arlene Reardon, had emailed to me, and amazed by all the insights in Anti-Cancer A New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. […]

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