top 3 menstrual cups

Top 3 Menstrual Cups for 2018

Guest post & menstrual cup reviewer: Jackie Bolen   Discover our picks of the top 3 menstrual cups for 2018, starting with the cheapest one and going from there. We hope that every single menstruating person will have in their hands healthier feminine product options.   Menstrual cups are more popular than ever these days. […]

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menstrual products bill

Menstrual Products Bill: The Right to Know What’s Down There

Ladies – it’s time to know the ingredients in your tampons, pads and other down there products – like douches and menstrual cups! Wait….you don’t know about the Menstrual Products  Right to Know Act of 2017 that’s before Congress? It’s time for you to know and to take action. Call or email your representative right […]

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accurate labeling of menstrual products act of 2016

Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016: Call to Action

Are you interested in protecting your female reproductive health? If you answered yes, then I’m asking for your help to sign this petition – Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016 (H.R. 5916) to require companies that make menstrual cups, menstrual pads, tampons, and therapeutic vaginal douche apparatuses to include a list of ingredients […]

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Womb Progress Due to the Robin Danielson Act

Hope you’re staying cool! It’s quite hot in New Jersey! Since June, the Robin Danielson Act petition on is closed. It looks like the bill will need to be presented to Congress for the eighth time in order for women to know the ingredients and health risks using tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products. I’d be lying if I said I […]

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4 Stupendous Period Highlights in 2015

Let’s face it, if you’re about to get your monthly flow, have your period, or you used to have it, your menstrual flow plays an important role in your life and overall health. Here are some exciting period highlights in 2015: 1. Detox the Box Influencing More Disclosures Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark started to […]

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Update on the Robin Danielson Act

Representative Carolyn Maloney recently re-introduced the Robin Danielson Feminine Hygiene Product Safety Act (H.R. 1708) on March 26, 2015. Coincidentally, my Robin Danielson Act post got published on The Huffington Post on March 27, 2015. What’s interesting is that my post went on a long journey before it got released. The timing of the bill’s […]

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