one day relationship retreat

Spring into a Successful Partnership: One Day NYC Relationship Retreat

YOU CAN CREATE THE RELATIONSHIP YOU DESIRE! Experience a ONE DAY RELATIONSHIP RETREAT * Stop the same recurring issues and fights, communicate well and get on the same page effortlessly * Get more respect, understanding, appreciation and support? * Have more trust, closeness, connection, intimacy, passion and fun? * Experience more peace, joy, love and […]

Paving A Pain Free Path: Holly McGrath’s Life Reconstruction

  I met Holly McGrath, a holistic wellness coach, at the Match My Spirit Bazaar at the Open Center in New York City a few months ago. Holly helps to inspire her clients to transform physically, emotionally and spiritually, through personal training, nutrition and supplementation. She also deeply appreciates the benefits of alternative healing and […]

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10 Observations of a Malti-Poo Living with an Alternative Healer

Louie, a blend of Maltese and poodle, is my seventeen-month-old dog. Although I picked him out online, our partnership was sealed at our first meeting at the breeder. He kept jumping on top of my pocketbook, which I’d set on the floor, as if to say “take me home!” My canine bestie has created many […]

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