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Chair Energy Healing: Letting Go

I decided to haul a folding chair from New Jersey to New York  to do energy healing at a wellness event.

The instructions said the hosts wouldn’t provide chairs or tables for practitioners to use during their appointments with guests at the soiree.


I lugged my fake hardwood folding chair along the streets of New Jersey. Clutched it on the bus to New York. We knocked into people on 42nd St., as/then I dragged it along with me to Staples, Le Pain Quotidien, and Juice Press.

On the E, my travel companion took up extra space that annoyed other passengers. At the 53rd Street station, climbing lots of steps, sweat dripping down my back, my stiff buddy slipped from my hands and tried to make a run for it.

Luckily, hours of yoga poses helped to keep my balance as I pivoted and leaned forward to grasp the chair back under control before it could escape too far.


Walking slowly toward the West Side in ninety-four-degree heat, I percolated, annoyed about transporting my chair.

I adjusted the weight—left arm to right arm, back and forth. It didn’t seem to lighten my load.

I held the chair in front of me, but that just blocked my vision. I tried holding it up, down, and sideways.

My heart rate and breath felt unnaturally tight. My neck and shoulders started to scream.


Cursing up a storm in my head, I focused on trying to make it look like I carried a chair around New York City every day.

The chair seemed fixated on opening up in my hand, as if to say . . . take a seat and relax, Lorraine.

Within a few blocks of my destination, an intoxicated man came out of nowhere to ask me if I needed help with my sidekick. “No thank you,” I said, continuing quickly past. “I’m okay.”


I finally made it to my rooftop event—exhausted, sweaty, and perturbed at my chair.

That didn’t last too long, though, even after a volunteer at the affair said they could provide a chair if I needed another one.


A few strangers sat in my chair during their appointment with me.

On that rooftop in New York city, among hundreds of people, the small space my chair and I inhabited transformed into a sacred space.

These beautiful strangers shared stuff they’d been carrying around with them—concerns about health, family, career moves, and relationships.


I exchanged with my new friends some Reiki—some hands on energy healing.

They walked away from me and my chair feeling lighter, smiling.

Those smiles shifted me from hot irritation to a warm, cozy heart.


My walk back with my traveling companion to catch the bus was cooler, calmer.

I thought about my evening and the weight I still carried.

On 47th and 9th, I realized it was time to let go.


In this moment, I could choose to be lighter.

I put down the extra weight of my chair and placed it against a young green lush tree.

I thanked it, said goodbye, and walked away, free.


Are You Ready for Energy Healing?

Sometimes it’s easy to recognize the icky, heavy, wounded parts we carry around. Sometimes the energy of what we’re carrying is buried so deep under the subtle and herculean adjustments we’ve made to avoid feeling the weight of our wounds.

The magic of energy healing, in all its forms, with all its methods, is the opportunity it provides for blocked energy to flow, so it can be released or transformed. Rather than stay in the who–what-when-where of the weight of your story, energy healing offers a unique approach to “being” in a relaxed environment for your energy field to do what it’s designed to do . . . let energy flow to let go.

What could you let go of today to make you feel more free?