December Birthday Girl Musings

bday pic 120414 (2)


(Recently posted my birthday girl musings and inspirations from a recent trip to see family.)

Today is my birthday! YAY!

This picture of me at eighteen months reminds me that it’s ok that life gets a little messy sometimes;

In order to be free it helps to be vulnerable;

I’m deeply appreciative of all who support and feed me on my journey;

After all these years life tastes delicious!

I’m hungry and open for more….

Thank you for being a part of my adventure!



magic tricks



Spending time with my niece and nephew this weekend was extra fun and re-charged my imagination.

Helps to focus on the sparkle in each step taken – no matter how big or small.

We’re all carrying around a magic wand whether we see it or not – why not see it energetically powerful and fluffy?

Super heroes come in all different sizes – they’re among us and within us.

Life is one big magic trick!