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Doorknobs Won’t Look the Same after You Read This

If you spend a few minutes on social media, watching TV news segments, or wandering the aisles of Barnes and Noble, I guarantee you’ll find someone sharing valuable keys—critical information or actions to successfully get you from here to there with your relationships, parenting, health, sex life, gluten-free cooking, the perfect turkey for this holiday season, and the list goes on.

For example, while writing this post, I received the following emails:

  • Savor the Success—The #1 Way to Make Your Business Grow
  • Shelley Hitz—3 Tools to Help Find Engaging Content to Post on Social Media

Obviously, keys are important. If a door is locked, and you don’t have the right key, you can’t open it. It’s great that many insightful and engaging people are sharing valuable information today, critical keys, but what about the importance of doorknobs? (I’m talking about the type I have in my house, the type with a lock that requires a key, rather than a pushbutton lock.)

Sure it’s great to feel that special key in your hand, but if the key doesn’t fit the lock in your doorknob, how will you move forward? How will you get where you want to go? Another way of looking at it is this: how are you receiving and putting into action the keys you’re holding?

Recently, it dawned on me that doorknobs are the feminine counterpart to the masculine key.

  • Important doors tend to be locked and require a key to pass through.
  • Keys represent yang energy—aggressive, analytical, and active.
  • Doorknobs represent yin energy—receptive, intuitive, and feminine; the symbol of feminine energy is a circle or possesses curves instead of hard edges.
  • Movement into a new space or new way of being requires the right key inside what’s known as the cylinder of a doorknob (I had to look that up), that’s the part that enables you to turn the lock and open the door. Keys are somewhat phallic, but have you noticed what door knobs and their cylinders resemble? Not sure? Look here.
  • Directed and free energy is required for the key and lock to work together, allowing for a passageway to move through, to move forward into a new space or new awareness.
  • So forward movement is not just about masculine energy—it’s about the balance and collaboration between masculine and feminine energy in each of us.

Let’s say you know that to have the best Thanksgiving this year, you’ll need to cook a turkey for thirty of your most opinionated family members. It’s scary because the last time you cooked a turkey—ten years ago—it tasted dry and had no flavor. The key to your holiday is the tasty recipe you found in your favorite cookbook. Here’s where the doorknob comes in . . . deep down, you know you’ll be stressed out making the turkey even if you have a surefire recipe. Intuitively, you know that to pull it off, you’ll want to break up the steps by making sure to cut up the ingredients like the celery and onions for the stuffing the night before.

You also know the recipe doesn’t feel quite right to you. It calls for rosemary, but the herb makes your stomach queasy. Listening to a creative impulse, you choose parsley instead. So you take the recipe, the key, and make it your own by connecting to what you know will work for you, and to what makes you feel good. You successfully direct your yin and yang energy to walk into the new experience of “I cook amazing Thanksgiving Turkey.”

Here are four energetic tips for appreciating the power of your yin doorknobs:

  1. Keep them clean—use water and vinegar and/or essential oils to regularly clean and clear stagnant energy off your doorknobs to make way for transforming energy.
  2. Since doorknobs represent receptive energy (or not), hang a symbol or something that you desire more of. (For example, Ganesh—symbolizes good luck, increased abundance—hangs from my bedroom door.)
  3. Receptive energy includes a focus on resting, nourishment, and connection to nature. If you’re stressed managing all the keys you’re holding, it helps to take time to relax and recharge, allowing inspired ideas to flow so you understand how the key you’re holding can work (or not work) for you.
  4. Even with the right key, locks sometime require extra time and effort to unlock and successfully turn the knob to open a door in order to move forward. Stay focused, remember to breathe, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed.

There are so many keys out there that it’s easy to quickly drop the key in your hand, thinking it’s the wrong one, when in fact you have the right key. It’s just that not enough attention is placed on using the key in balance with your doorknob. Take your important keys—all those tips and how to’s—and turn them around inside you, using your own inspiration and what motivates you. Make them your own design in order to move forward with your intentions and dreams.










Lorraine Giordano
Inspired To Health