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Douching Doubles Ovarian Cancer Risk

Recent news that douching doubles ovarian cancer risk of women is concerning.

Ladies  – it’s time to let go of your douche and walk away. Send your douche packing!

If you think you’re “fixing” a situation down there – consider these 3 reasons why it’s time to go douche-less:

1)      Douching is a very short term solution to masking a possible serious issue that needs attention.

2)      It messes up the good bacteria down there in your vaginal microbiome that can lead to infections.

3)      Douching can negatively impact your fertility in different ways!

Douching is also linked to:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Increased risk of STD’s
  • Problems during pregnancy (pre-term births and ectopic pregnancies)
  • Bacterial vaginosis


Your down there is self-cleansing and is a lot smarter and less risky than a douche.

  • The vagina has an acidic pH in order to prevent issues with foreign invaders.
  • It knows how to clean itself by making mucus that washes away what needs to be flushed out.


It’s time go through your cabinets, closets or wherever your douche supplies are stored and toss them. If you’re douching because of a fishy smell down there, rather than create more of a problem, seek help from your doctor or holistic practitioner that’s well versed on vaginal balance and can assist in treating bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.


Know a gal who is into their douche?  Call her up, text her,  sit her down with a printed version of this post…do what you need to do to make her aware of the risks of douching.  Girlfriends don’t let their girlfriends douche!  Keep the baby making – female hormone creating center safe. It requires a team effort.


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douching risks