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Five Shots of The Womb Happy Hour

In case you’ve been busy relaxing during the end of the summer and didn’t have a chance to tune into The Womb Happy Hour radio show on Voice America Health & Wellness, here are five quick shots of highlights of recent episodes for you to have fun with:


1) Connecting to Your Intuitive Mind with James Bene

Bicoastal Intuitive Energy healer provides simple yet profound tips on connecting to your intuition and how it relates to your sacral and root chakra

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Suggestions to connect to your intuition:
• Use affirmations to clear the negativity from your mind
• Realize that things happen for you – not to you
• Spend time regularly meditating


2) The Healing Properties of Art with Jada Fabrizio

Award winning American Photographer shares insights into her recent exhibition – Photographic Fairy Tales

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Why can art help with healing?
A powerful quote from Jada, “What I have come to understand though, is that vulnerability is not weak. It actually takes a lot of courage to make images express sensitive subjects. By leaning into discomfort, I actually come out feeling stronger.”


3) Powerful Beyond Measure: Claim Your Power from Deep Within with Cynthia Mazzaferro

An international Book Award Winner and Amazon Best seller, Cynthia Mazzaferro shares with us exactly how to change the way we view ourselves and the life we live. Her popular book, Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life, serves as an experience to connect to your power.

• Did you know that your perception even from your youngest years, including in utero, continues to imprint how you experience life’s circumstances even in our present?

• Are you allowing yourself to experience freedom and miracles?

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4) Birth Your Dreams: Stop Living from the Neck Up with Colette Ellis

Coach Colette provides tips to stop living in the messy middle and from the neck up to birth your dreams.

• What would it feel like to stop feeling anxiety and indecision and feel confident and taking the lead in your life.

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5) Receiving 7 Potent Foods to Perk Up Down There

Womb Happy Hour host, Lorraine Giordano, shares different foods to consider to support your health down there and elsewhere.

• Special guest – Shweta Parmar – Ayurvedic healer and doula – talks about mahaghee.com.

• Kefir, nutritional yeast and hemp are some of the foods discussed and their benefits.

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Hope you enjoy these awesome guests.


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Image by: Jada Fabrizio / jadafab.com