As a little girl I cried into my tutu when I tripped and fell trying to do a pirouette.

I excelled as an athlete in high school but often ended up on the ground grasping for a ball or reaching for a goal.

My friends and I would joke I had no grace; I was a klutz.

In my twenties a strong gust of wind picked me up and blew me across a four lane street; I crashed and hit the pavement hard.

I anxiously spun on the questions of “why?” I worked so hard to figure out what was wrong, but the pain continued.

In my thirties I grumbled when I could no longer wear heels to strut my stuff. The injuries of the past and some newer issues resulted in surgeries and not only physical therapy, but head therapy too.

At forty, a different kind of pain caught my attention. My dis-ease progressed into a serious disease that brought me to an edge of an abyss.

With my eyes closed, I took a deep breath, and gently leapt into my heart rather than my head.

A whisper shared the grace I sought could not be found in my carriage or form. The falls of the past illuminated the message. With every fall, I stood up again. During the times I could not stand on my own, someone stood ready for support. All those moments enabled me to find the courage to take a new step forward.

I chose to dance with faith to help heal my disease. Only thru grace, the grace of God, did I embrace the twists and turns to help find my balance.

With my heart open, I now walk and skip grounded in my path, appreciative of all the moments passed… and excited for all the different movements that lay ahead.




“Grace” was originally published in the Bene Mudra Wellness Newsletter in 2011 and is the first piece I shared with others.

Image by Lorraine Giordano


Lorraine Giordano
Inspired To Health