Where Did Those 2013 Intentions Go?

The start of 2013 felt like a blurry whirlwind. Due to Hurricane Sandy I moved from Hoboken, NJ to the next town over at the end of December. The thought of moving didn’t cross my mind when I renewed my lease in early October, but the lingering smell of sewage, mold, dust due to construction on flooded apartments down the hall from me created an urgent desire for me to find a new place to live. Luckily, I saw one apartment and it met my wish list of everything I wanted. My new sanctuary rests on top of a hill. Settling into my new, clean, bright, pet-friendly apartment feels well worth the strenuous effort of a million plus steps to get from point A to point B. Looking back, there were many signs along the way that I ignored about the possibility of moving. Hurricane Sandy helped me to make a choice to no longer walk through ‘poop’ in order to get to home.

We’re now 56 days into 2013 and the noise of resolutions has died down and perhaps your intention of what you’d like to create in 2013 has quieted down too. Here are seven inspirations to help keep you on your path to manifesting your intentions:


  • The Wand:  Intentions are like a magic wand, and will help you to create your experiences in order to be the best you. Your wand is unique and crafted specifically for you. Your wand holds no power unless you actively choose to use it to direct your energy towards a goal you intend to achieve. In order to receive, it always helps to ask for what you want. Your intentions marry your inspiration to the choices you make towards manifesting your creation. Always remember, you are empowered to create the life you imagined at any moment.


  • Silent Whispers: There might be some who tell you that you don’t possess a magic wand, that your aspirations are silly, or not attainable.  Do not believe them. Some people don’t realize they hold a magic wand, and others might not realize how special their wand is. Stay focused on your gifts and look at the positive side of everything. If you start to hear the voice in your head that tells you, “no- that’s not possible…,” “I can’t…,” “I failed…,” “I am not ____ enough…,” choose to not believe that voice. Try to see that negative thought on an Etch a Sketch and replace it with a positive thought. Keep your vision clear. If you get lost or you don’t know what your next step is, be still, breathe deep, and go inside. Listen for the silent whispers-your inner voice- that will direct you towards your highest good. The whispers are not in your head, they come from your heart.


  • Let Go: Imagine your wand in the form of a bow and arrow. Every skilled archer practices their technique, strength, and focus, in order to hit a bull’s-eye on their intended target. An archer is diligent with their practice, but no matter how much they work to prepare to direct the arrow, the archer must let go in order for the arrow to fly.


  • Exchange:  Perceived challenges, a foe or an unexpected situation, might appear like an obstacle to your goal. Continue to persevere until you succeed. Your perceived challenge could help you experience your greatest victory. Be open to ask for help from those around you, and from above. The act of sharing might help you but you might also be part of someone’s magic to manifesting their desire. We all create and play within each other’s magic tricks.


  • Wonder:  Young kids wave their magic wands quite fearlessly because they make their intentions clear. They are quick to laugh, and smile with wonder as they see, hear, taste, touch everything that inspires their curiosity. Even if a child screams, and cries in a moment that doesn’t go their way, they quickly leave it behind because they are present in the next moment. They naturally adapt because they are not in their head. Be grateful for your small and large victories; remember to cheer and clap for yourself and appreciate words of encouragement from friends and family.  Commit to learn what uniquely inspires you in order to continue to feel a sense of wonder as you evolve.  Tapping into that feeling of wonder will help you to direct your intentions fearlessly into your nineties.


  • Magic:  Magic works best when you keep it simple and take it step by step.  However, be aware that the magic of life is a synchronized mystery. As an archer, once you shoot and let go, the arrow will fly and hit its mark based on divine timing and not necessarily your timing- regardless of how many arrows shot or number of waves of a wand. Trust that divine timing always works in your favor and positions you for even more success than you originally imagined. Keep your eyes open and on the lookout for signs- your aspirations might show up packaged differently than you expected.  The bonus prizes to all of your magic tricks are the unexpected joyful and illuminating moments along your path to you.


  • Go Big: Love is the most powerful force to energize you. Love is the greatest creator of all because love has no limit. Great magicians not only have a committed love and respect for themselves, but they have a love for those around them. Know that your intentions have the ability to not only create the best of you, but your intentions can make the world a better place.

“Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you.” Christian D. Larson