Let’s Talk Girlfriends and Our Female Organs!

 PART 1: The Basics

miss girlies 2 (2)          Every woman wants a healthy body, but most of us know so little about our bodies. When I started on my path to health, I realized I needed to be friends with my female organs. Any good friend knows strong relationships need attention, communication, appreciation and fun! Allow me to introduce you to your valued girlfriends who walk with you on your journey.


Your party girl friend-Miss Vagina is a receptive and powerful friend.  She likes to sit in between the Cervix and the Vulva. Although she might appear tough on the outside due to her tubular structure and elastic fibrous and muscular tissues, she’s a softy on the inside and likes to open up. She generously offers a way in for a penis during sex, and his swimmin’ semen, which he might leave as a parting gift with her.

Committed to assist in letting go of the old, she helps menstrual blood flow and be released.  One of the vagina’s most amazing qualities is that she offers a safe passageway for babies to come into the world.


          The Vulva spends her time outside. Back in the day her hair was big and bushy, but lately she’s seen following the trend of less is more.  Whatever enters into her friend the Vagina has to get past her first. Most people can’t help but notice her lips, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding her hidden layers.  She prefers to show signals when she’s feeling excited and hot. Her lips might be closed while at rest or not in the mood for fun, but the Vulva is the most sensitive of all the girls.

The Clit (clitoris) hangs out in front of the vulva, and even though she is always around, some visitors tend to miss her. Sure she’s tiny—around the size of a pea—but she contains the most nerve endings in the female body, creating those aroused thrills you—I hope—have come to enjoy (pun intended). When she’s turned on, her lips open up, expand and might even look red. The Vulva multi tasks- she holds the pathway to the urethra in order to let urine flow and serves as the pathway to the Vagina during party time.


          The Uterus is the most creative and feminine of all the girlfriends. Although the other girls have their male counterparts, the Uterus is a one of a kind female organ. She extends up to her Fallopian Tube friends and narrows downward towards her dear neighbor- the Cervix. Her dwelling is nurturing, cave like, and holds the creative force of life. All her other friends rely on her to be a skilled egg reader and value her ability to take in and let go.

Due to her desire and commitment for personal growth she offers a safe and nurturing home in the cozy puffy wall of her endometrium for a fertilized ova. She goes out of her way to assist a baby to grow during its nine month stay and some tend to overlook her ability to produce important endorphin hormones. Wise and never wanting to carry extra bloat, the Uterus artistically sheds the lining of her walls in streams of red.  As sweet and serene as she is, if something is upsetting her, she freely expresses her ache.


          The petite Cervix is a narrow chamber, approximately two inches, and is perched in the lower part of the Uterus. The cervix’s role is to act as a fluid connector, and bouncer to her friend’s earthy Uterus club.  The system she uses to operate (Os) is known to open and close doors – she instinctively knows when to open slightly to let the Uterus’s red stream flow out and closes the door when that process ends.

One of her greatest gifts is during childbirth- her small hole expands wide enough for a baby to head out into the world. Taking her cues from estrogen levels, she oozes thin or thick mucousy fluids that tend to help let sperm in or make it harder for them to get to the intended egg.    


          The Ovaries are oval twin sisters flanking each side of the Uterus, with the help of ligaments that anchor their place in the group. They share the honor of safeguarding all the eggs that a women is born with. The Ovaries exchange many messages with their distant cousins- the Hypothalmus and Pituitary gland- in order to keep track of hormone levels. Each Ovary has a knack of encouraging the growth of immature eggs, and has a good eye of knowing when an egg is perfectly baked.

Around the same time each month, one ovary makes an “ovulationary” toast- in hopes of the potential of life- and dishes out one mature egg into her friend the Fallopian Tube to kick off the magical journey. The other creative outlet of the twins is expressed by their ability to produce powerful hormones -estrogen & progesterone. (Stay tuned for Part II- the Mixology of Hormones).


          Also a twin, the Fallopian Tubes are the rockers in the group. The fimbriae of each tube extends out to the Ovaries in order to ensure a released egg is safely caught in a tube. Each tube’s passageway, usually about 10cm long, is designed for movement. Wafting cilia serve as sticky fingers that stand ready to body surf the egg toward the Uterus. Gifted with a strong sense of rhythm, their tubal contractions vibrate a strong beat to guide and carry the egg forward.

They are less protective than the other girls when sperm come to visit; they admire each sperm’s enthusiastic persistence that helped them get past their other girlfriends. Each tube has a special zone- top third- where the egg slows down to rest. From the sidelines, each tube roots for that one special swimmer to hook up and unite with the fertile egg. The Fallopian Tubes carry out their performance until the egg- fertilized or not- is safely nestled in the Uterus.

          These special girlfriends are designed for support! As any true friend knows, your day-to-day can be enriched the more you share love and open up to each of your friends. Always evolving and sometimes cryptic, look for the subtle signs they might share over the long term. Not sure how to connect? Keep it simple and sincere – try an inner smile to help warm up your alliance.  From the Taoist “internal smile” exercise- feel the energy of your smile and while breathing deliberately send “smiling energy” to each of your girlfriends. May your friendships continue to grow stronger!

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