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Mad Libs: Connecting to the Uterus—the Nurturer

Ladies – when was the last time you played a game and spent creative time with your uterus – the most nurturing of all your female reproductive organs? Take a minute to connect and have some fun with this unique Mad Lib on the Uterus!

I _______ _ [adverb] connected to my uterus today. Out of all my female reproductive organs, my uterus is the most ________[adjective] and __________ [adjective]. My uterus has three “supershero” powers: _______ [noun], _______[noun], and _______[adjective]  ___________[noun]. My favorite power is ______________ [noun], because of its __________[adjective] strength.

To connect more with my womb, I asked it a __________[adjective] question while I _________[verb] in my ________[noun]. My unique and ________[adjective] female organ ______ [adverb] replied and made me feel ______ [adjective]. My uterus asked for more _______ [noun] from me by _______ [verb ending in ing] ________[adjective] and _________ [verb ending in ing] _________[adverb].

 The more I connect to my uterus, the more my uterus feels like a ____________ [noun]. The next time I have my __________ [adjective] period I expect it to ________ [verb] so I can have an ______[adjective] day. 

Together we will practice _________ [verb ending in ing]. The more we _________ [verb] together, the more we will feel _________ [adjective].


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uterus madlib