The Mixology of Female Hormones- Part 2

          mixology of hormone part 2 LGThe Mixology of Female Hormones-Part 1 highlighted the key ingredients and shifts to the mixology of hormones over time. Part 2 shares ways to help contribute to your hormonal process.


          The key to the mixology of female hormones is balance. Hormonal balance relates to how your body creates hormones and breaks them down. Although the hormonal process is complex and intricate, working closely with your mixologist helps to enhance and optimize your high quality ingredients-estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

The hormonal process works with your digestive process, nervous system, and other complex processes. Your daily choices can help to enhance your hormonal flow, but certain foods, chemical toxins, and stress can dilute the value of your high quality ingredients.


Here are a few mixers to enhance your hormonal balance:

Fiber: Fiber helps to flush out excess estrogen from your system. If your poop doesn’t get flushed out then estrogen that is intended to leave your system gets reabsorbed. Click here for high fiber foods.

Go Nuts: Consider that estrogen and progesterone are made from fat. Not enough healthy fat can negatively impact your reproductive health. Not all fats are created equal; in fact, most are not healthy. Nuts are a great way to add beneficial fat into your diet. More info on the benefits of nuts and your hormones click here.

OMEGA 3 fatty acids (i.e. salmon, flax oil) help hormones and their intended messages reach their destination and are known to enhance fertility.

Juicing: Juicing is a powerful way to add nutrients and antioxidants to boost your immune  system, nervous system and digestive system that impact your hormonal balance. Here’s a 4 week hormonal diet plan that includes juicing.

Want more fruits and veggies in your daily diet or not enough time to Juice? Check out Juice Plus– a wholefood based nutritional product that adds the nutrition of 17 fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Try to limit or avoid:

Alcohol: Alcohol is known to increase estrogen in pre- and post-menopausal women and moderate alcohol consumption decreases levels of progesterone in pre-menopausal women. The liver is the main organ that breaks down and eliminates sex hormones. Review study related to women alcohol consumption and hormones here.

Caffeine: Although recent studies indicate that coffee may prevent Parkinson’s disease, excess caffeine is known to impact your endocrine system and increase estrogen levels. Caffeine might also affect your sleep and sleep is critical for your body to perform its vital hormonal balance processes.

Sugar: Daily high doses of processed sugars (white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar) spikes insulin levels and can negatively impact your fertility, promote polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and change your period. Read more about sugar here.

Stress A constant fight or flight response is known to increase the stress hormone cortisol. Extra cortisol can block out estrogen, impacting serotonin levels- the happy mood mixer. If you’re under stress often, your mixologist steals supplies of progesterone in order to stir up the demand for more cortisol. This might impact your fertility, pregnancy, and promote other imbalances leading to disease.

  • Exercise it out– Exercise helps reduce stress and balances hormones you might have too much or too little of.
  • Tap It! The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a do-it yourself way to work with your energy meridians to help boost your system.

Chemical Disruptors Foreign chemicals in your system add a big stress to your hormonal balance and stress your body in general. Limit chemicals in your food, body products, house cleansers and environment that disrupt hormonal harmony. Some chemicals mimic natural hormones and some block the hormonal receptor process, or increase or decrease hormones. Click here for disruptive chemicals.

Hormonal Options

Saliva Hormone Testing: There continues to be a debate on the accuracy of saliva testing versus traditional blood tests. For more information in defense of saliva testing review here. Saliva tests helped provide valuable information about my hormonal balance that didn’t get conveyed in my blood tests during Operation Save Uterus.

Bio-Identical Hormones: For insights on bio identical vs. natural vs. synthetic hormone replacement therapy view here 

          The hormonal process, ingredients and outside influences can influence your complex and intricate system! Since no two women are the same, it’s critical to connect to not only your hormonal process but the messages your body is communicating- stay tuned for next month’s post on Picking Up on The Signals.

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