The Moon and Menstrual Cycles: Keeping In Sync

          One of the perks of growing up in Suffern, New York was spending time at the Suffern High School planetarium. As a young girl I’d stare in awe into the darkness at the stars, planets and moon. The planets reminded me of different types of candy and the constellations appeared as an amazing game of connect the dots. My favorite thing to learn about- the changing moon cycles. I’d sit on the edge of my seat absorbing the difference between a waxing or waning gibbous or crescent moon, the full moon and the moon’s affect on the ocean’s tide. Many moons passed before I contemplated the relationship between the moon and menstrual cycles.

          Besides using my lunar knowledge to impress a fellow or two in romantic moonlit moments, it also influenced some of my health decisions.  In 2006 my doctor recommended Lupron to fake out my body into menopause to deal with endometriosis. Even though I only knew the basics about my hormones and how my female organs worked, it didn’t seem natural to choose to prematurely force my body into menopause. The drug would tinker too much with the natural ebb and flow of my hormones and monthly cycle.  My body wouldn’t be able to create a full moon –ovulate- using the drug. I chose to keep my body in sync with its natural flow.

Moonstruck- “Snap Into It!”

          April 15th will present a total lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse happens when the sun, earth and moon are in total alignment.  The surface of the moon is totally covered by the earth’s shadow and is known as a “blood moon eclipse” because the moon appears reddish- orange in color. This will be the first of four total lunar eclipses to happen in 2014-2015.

         The gloomier reports about the meaning of this type of eclipse reinforce negativity. My opinion- since the sun, earth and moon are in alignment it’s a message for all of us to be in alignment in our body, mind, and spirit. It’s a reminder to snap out of our egos, slow down the spinning in our heads and let-go of our fear in order to snap into feeling more grounded in our daily lives. Rather than suppress what’s inside – allow for awareness and connection. Nature illustrates that in order to grow – roots need to extend deep and be nourished by the sun’s light and the restorative phases of the moon.

          The color red is associated with the root chakra located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is the first energy center and relates to our relationship to the earth and our bodies. It’s tied to the sense of safety, security and survival instincts.  The sacral chakra is the second energy center and associated with the female reproductive organs and relates to creativity and passion. A sense of safety is needed in order to freely create. Here are three quick tips to help balance your root chakra:

1)      Deep Breathing: Spend at least a few minutes deep breathing in the morning and evening- the air is something we all share and it’s always abundantly available for us to access.

2)      Connect to Nature: Spend time connecting to nature – outdoor walks, hikes, gardening foster a connection to the earth.

3)      Form a Yoga pose: Yoga assists in aligning and grounding the body and focuses on the breath to create openness; try a mountain pose, tree pose or downward facing dog.

Here’s a tribute to “La Bella Luna” and the moon as a symbol of femininity and fertility:

moon_menstrual cycles 041514


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  1. Cindy   •  


    I have been diagnosed with endometriosis myself and it feel like the pill is making me sick.
    Did syncing with the moon helped you with this?

    Take Care,


    • lorraine   •     Author

      Hi Cindy! When I first learned I had endometriosis (2006), I didn’t know that much about syncing to the moon. Focusing on my diet helped at the time and in recent years I’ve paid attention to the moon cycle and connecting to my natural rhythm (rest, connecting to nature, doing things that make me feel joy etc). If the pill is making you feel sick it’s probably not serving you in an ideal way. Have you talked to your dr? Will send some other suggestions.

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