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Inspired To Health Re-launch

I’m excited to re-launch my website—Inspired To Health! It was time to shed the old look and feel of my previous website to create a new and improved cycle.


What is Inspired To Health?

The word health comes from the Old English word hale, which means wholeness, being whole.

As an energy healer, I’m passionate about helping women (and men) connect to their healing and creative energy, and highlighting opportunities to bridge the gap from dis-ease to finding their personal healthy way in their daily life. As a blogger, I tend to dive into health topics focusing on down there.

Operation Save Uterus (OSU), my intention to save my uterus from a hysterectomy due to the threat of cancer, started as a quiet wish in 2008 and inspired me to focus on reclaiming my health. With my uterus intact, OSU has evolved into a life-transforming (I left corporate America) and life-affirming (I started a healing business) movement that not only inspired me to create a stronger relationship with my body-mind and spirit, but has impacted many and continues to grow.

I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I’m just a lady who realized how much I didn’t know about my body, especially my female reproductive organs, until I was forced to pay attention. Then I learned just how connected down there was to everywhere else.

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So what’s up with down there?

Lots! The stuff we hide or keep secret is the stuff that keeps us from being whole. The tide is slowly changing, but there still remains a lot of shame and lack of communication about what goes on down there, which ultimately prevents a strong connection to everywhere else in our bodies.

There’s a whole lot of important stuff for women to take to heart at every age, including hormonal shifts, the vaginal microbiome, fertility, and signs of imbalances that aren’t just physical—like blocking creativity, shutting down on raw emotions, and feeling stuck or controlling rather than going with the flow.

Is it a pain and challenging to deal with down there sometimes? Absolutely! But in my opinion, there’s a lot of untapped power and magic to be explored. The louder young and old ladies share information, the more icky old taboos shift into creative and healthier relationships.


What you’ll find down there

I have fun blogging about topics that aren’t talked about often, or looking at frequently discussed topics from a different perspective. My approach is to be playful and infuse humor as much as possible.

Here are three recent topics in the news, and related blog posts, to check out to get a feel for Inspired To Health:

1.Recently, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay a whopping $55 million dollars in a lawsuit to a woman who claims that using talc powder for many years down there caused her ovarian cancer. Although the science isn’t exactly conclusive that using talc powder causes ovarian cancer, and there isn’t a warning disclosed, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and consider this: Why do women feel that their private area needs to smell powder fresh, like roses in summer or wild meadow grasses?

Opportunity: The bacteria in your vagina is important to your feminine health, fertility, ability to give birth, and health of your baby. If down there is extra pungent, it could be a sign that your pH is out of balance and you have vaginosis. Learn more about your vaginal microbiome (Part 1 & Part 2)!

2. New York City recently announced that they’re providing free tampons in public schools, prisons, and shelters. The upside of this legislation is that girls will hopefully be more willing to go to school during their cycle, rather than stay home, and they can avoid the risk of using one tampon/pad for too long. And now ladies in prison won’t be capped on the number of pads they ask for and can also request a certain number of tampons if they prefer, rather than having to buy them.

Opportunity: Increased awareness of healthier options to avoid toxins in many tampons and pads. Access to tampons and pads is great! Woo Hoo! But what about the ability for all girls and women to use tampons and pads without harmful and toxic chemicals, pesticides, and unregulated fake chemically-laced perfumes?

We all know the importance of putting quality food into our bodies. The quality of the products we stick into our baby- and hormone-making area is equally critical! Here’s my blog about the risks of using common tampons and pads in the Huffington Post and here’s information on healthier options.

3. Recent research indicates that the BRCA1 gene mutation could increase the risk of endometrial cancer. Some are suggesting that women might benefit from undergoing a hysterectomy to reduce the risk of cancer.

Opportunity: The decisions to take drastic steps—or not—in the hope of preventing a life-threatening disease is deeply personal. With that said, deep down, I feel as though there are opportunities for women to steady their hands in their daily choices regarding their health, rather than relying on the steady hand of their doctor to excise their organs in the hope of preventing cancer.

What’s one way to create a healthier you? Choose to focus on creating a positive relationship with your body, especially with down there. For some ideas read Let’s Talk Girlfriends and Our Female Organs!

As I mentioned earlier, there’s plenty more to explore! Feel free to say hi or share any topics you’d like to learn more about.

Thanks for reading! Please share with a friend.


  1. John Paul   •  

    Sweeeet.. excited for you for the new look and focus. I wish you all the success a “wizard” can have haha

    • Lorraine Giordano   •     Author

      Thank you! Appreciate all your insights. It takes a wizard to know a wizard!

  2. Donna Frieze   •  

    The new site looks great! Such important information to get out there. Thank you for keeping us informed!

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