Operation Save Uterus

In September of 2008 my gynecologist told me I needed to have my uterus removed due to the threat of cancer and  uterine hyperplasia.

Not willing to give up my uterus, Operation Save Uterus was born. 

I saved my uterus and learned to connect to my mind, body and spirit with the help of various alternative and complementary treatments.

By focusing on my uterus I learned how deeply interwoven other organs are connected to my uterus.

Check Out My Fun Explainer Video Talking About “The Girlfriends and Our Female Organs”


If your doctor shares the news that you need to have your uterus removed consider the following:

1) Do you know what your uterus does for you?

2) Do you know how your uterus interacts with your other female organs and bodily functions?

3) Are you aware of the potential risks of removing it?

4) Are you aware of available options other than a hysterectomy?


I’m inspired is to help elevate the conversation on women’s health by adding a bit of fun and humor to what’s been traditionally a dry topic.

Based on my personal experience I hope to highlight female organ health in order to better understand the whole.

I not only connected to my uterus by learning about how my female reproductive organs work but I also connected to different energy centers – known as chakras – especially my sacral chakra.

Insights on the Sacral Chakra:

The Swadhisthana or “sacral chakra”, which is located directly above the reproductive organs, is the center of passion, desire, creativity and change. The more open and balanced this chakra becomes, the easier it is to express true desires, be able to “let go” and flow with life, and give birth to new and exciting ideas.


The main element of this chakra is water; fluidity. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, therefore we should move within the world as such. When we gently flow through life, letting go of attachments and ego, it’s easier to move quickly and effortlessly with the current of our life path finding our desired self.


When this chakra is fully balanced we are able to easily allow change to happen.


We give birth to new and exciting ideas allowing our true passion to create a perfect world in which we find ourselves happy and content.


– James Bene
Reiki Master Healer/Mentor

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