Conscious Breathing

First met: January, 2009

Crossed paths:  Anthony Canelo highly recommended Joanie during my first ionic foot bath in December 2008.

Issue: Even though my body felt better during Opeation Save Uterus, I sensed I still needed to dig deeper to feel more balanced in my mind-body-spirit.

Initial resistance: High; I had no idea what a conscious breathing session entailed, except that breathing was probably involved.

What‘s the point?:  ‘Conscious breathing’ is sometimes referred to as ‘rebirthing.’ There are many different variations on the name depending on who or what group is doing it. This alternative healing method has nothing to do with ‘Born-again’ Christianity. Dr. Joanie Watkins writes, “The process is a gateway to connecting to ones healing energy.”

Personal experience:  Joanie asked me to write about my history prior to our first meeting.  The writing exercise was helpful in itself. My sessions and all the others consisted of ‘chat’ time and ‘breathing’ time. All our conversations revealed new perspectives on old issues.  At times the conversations felt incredibly challenging because by willing to dig deeper I confronted different belief systems I created over the years. I realized some of these belief systems, or rules, that felt right in the past, actually helped to hold me back. For the first time I wrestled with my perceptions about what I had to do to be healthy versus how it felt to just be without all the ‘doing’.  Joanie is highly intuitive and she’s a Reiki Master. The breathing part of each session felt unbelievably empowering and liberating. She uses different tools depending on the needs of the moment. I experienced deeper meditative states and encountered more than a few life-altering and life-affirming moments. With Joanie’s help, I experienced what it truly felt like to be relaxed in my mind, body and spirit for the first time.  She also got me to ponder – ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ are the same word in French.