First met:   April 2006

Crossed paths: My good friend (the one who introduced me to Patsy for acupuncture) suggested I might want to reach out to Arlene. Arlene and my friend are related.

Issue:  In March of 2006 my endometriosis diagnosis shook my world.

Initial resistance: Med; I thought it might be helpful to get a different perspective on how I could heal my endometriosis, even though I still worked with my Aruyvedic healer.

What’s the point?  Arlene works with clients who have limiting beliefs in their ability for their body to heal the issue, and who continue to hold onto the trauma or illness complicating the health issue. She works with people who want to be well, have tried many different modalities, including allopathic, complementary, and alternative methods, but have not gotten better. By supporting, guiding and coaching the client as they remove, unlock and unblock the trauma holding the health issue, the person begins to heal. This is accomplished through self-awareness, breath-work, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, massage and energy work. Working on the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical levels, all need attention and healing for the mind and body to rebound back to health.

Personal experience:  I initially worked with Arlene to take steps to treat endometriosis-my new health issue holistically. I interacted with her over the phone for the most part.  Arlene suggested diet changes, supplements, breathing techniques and methods to release blocked energy. Even though I liked working with Arlene and I had a serious health issue that I wanted to go away, I resisted some of her helpful recommendations. I thought, “I can’t do that because…” “I don’t need to worry about that because I’m too young and…” “That sounds too out there for me…”

In 2007, Arlene expanded her practice and opened up a massage school. Besides being a certified massage therapist, she is certified in Quantum Touch. She incorporates energy work during her amazing massages.  Faced with the threat of losing my uterus in 2008, I put Operation Save Uterus into action and I consciously chose to treat my body, mind and spirit in a loving way. Arlene was one of the first people I contacted to learn more ways to dig deeper to heal my issue naturally, rather than focus on having a hysterectomy.   I listened to Arlene’s suggestions this time around on hormonal balance, diet, and shifting energy.   Shortly after I learned I saved my uterus, Arlene opened up a new door for me. She invited me to a Quantum Touch class that she gave to her massage students. I learned how to work with a healing modality I could use on myself and on others for the first time.