Intuitive Reiki

First met:  April 2009

Crossed paths:  I went for an organic veggie juice after work at my local organic store. Two flyers on the counter caught my eye and went home with me, but I only set up an appointment with James.

Issue: Even though I heard the best news after my second biopsy result, there was more to learn. I would continue with my mind-body-spirit health quest with my uterus intact.

Initial resistance: Low; over the years I worked with many different healers who used Reiki.

What‘s the point?:  Reiki is based on the premise there is a universal life force or energy that connects all living things. Reiki passes from the practitioner to the receiver and treats the whole person-body, mind, emotion, spirit. Our natural healing ability is supported by the directed flow of life force energy.

Personal experience: I’m happy I didn’t listen to the voice inside that said “I’m all better, time to get back to my normal life.” During my first session with James it felt obvious there was more to uncover and release.  The messages and insights he picked up during our sessions during our talks, or during Reiki blew me away and caused me to inquire more about how he and the other healers I worked with could be able to relay such intimate details and feedback about me. My normally analytical and logical mind continued to be stumped. James reminded me of some dreams and goals I forgot about from long ago and he also continued to help me confront deep rooted perceptions about the past and I learned more about my blocked areas. Breathing’s an essential part of the process and James used different breathing techniques to help me release what I needed to release and connect with areas I needed to connect with. With each session I not only felt more grounded and balanced but I felt inspired and creatively empowered.