Ionic Foot Baths

First met: December, 2008

Crossed paths:  I frequented an organic health food store for supplements, organic food, and fresh organic vegetable juices. Maya, the owner, suggested I give a foot bath a try.

Issue: Operation Save Uterus

Initial resistance: High; I never heard about ionic foot baths and I didn’t understand how it could help my body.

What‘s the point?:  Ionic foot baths are used to help stimulate and rebalance the body’s energy. The body’s healing energy is enhanced to help detoxify the body.  Ionic foot baths help different vital organs, including the liver, skin, lung, colon, and kidney. The ocean supposedly contains a significant amount of ions. Just as people typically feel better or more relaxed after a day at the beach, an ionic foot bath has a similar effect.  Electrolysis is the process that breaks down water molecules into ions. An ionic foot bath creates positive or negative ions due to the salt used and the metallic array set into the water.  Our body absorbs the ions through our meridians from the soles of our feet.  Toxins are attracted out of the tissues through the feet and go into the water’s ionic components. The footbath water changes color based on what types of toxins are removed.

Personal experience:  When I first met Tony at the store he did a good job explaining the ins and outs of the foot bath and its possible benefits. A few minutes into my foot bath, I noticed a slight tingly feeling in my feet and the water changed color to a light red-orange-brown color with black flecks on the surface. Tony massaged my feet after the bath and shared his intuitive gift by relaying a few messages to me. His oddly accurate messages resonated strongly with me; it felt important for me to hear what he said in that precise moment. He strongly suggested I reach out to his friend, Joanie Watkins, a conscious breathing practitioner.  During Operation Save Uterus, I sat with different people during the six foot baths at the store….Young, old, smoker, non-smoker, heavy, skinny and each person’s water looked different- the colors, gunk, and sometimes smell varied. As time went on, my water looked less dramatic and I typically felt lighter and energetic after a bath.