First met: 2005

Crossed paths:  I opened up the phone book and Dr. Gonzalez’s name stood out because she’s a Spanish female therapist.

Issue: Three different ankle surgeries and my laparoscopic surgery that uncovered endometriosis caused me to be on edge and confused. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t psychosomatic or nuts because of all my previous injuries and health issues. I didn’t think all the pieces of my life fit together and I sensed it might be time to deal with buried issues.

Initial resistance: (Med) I met with a couple of therapists during my chronic fatigue illness- one napped during a session and the other only suggested books to read.  I wondered if it was worth the time and money to work with a new therapist.

What‘s the point?:  Dr. Gonzalez sums it up perfectly. She helps people with their blind spots.

Personal experience: For some therapy is more of a traditional healing method. For others therapy is extremely alternative. Intellectually I thought I had all my blind spots identified when I started working with Dr. Gonzalez. My perception only skimmed the surface of a lot of deeply buried issues. It took me a while to open up to the fact I didn’t have it all figured out. Just as computers are coded to produce results based on certain inputs, I created certain programs- belief systems, coping mechanisms- in my youth that didn’t help me as an adult. Dr. Gonzalez helped me to look at those blind spots that I unconsciously got stuck on. There’s a healing vibration voicing and hearing things you might not otherwise say out loud. The more I became aware of those blind spots and where they came from and their effect on me, the more certain hidden pieces of the puzzle of my life came to light. I doubt I would have pursued different alternative healing methods if it wasn’t for the awareness I gained working with Dr. Gonzales. Based on my experience with Dr. Gonzales, therapy and energy work use different approaches, but common themes exist between them.