Tarot Reader

First met:  February 2005

Crossed paths:  A good friend from work invited me to a Tarot party at her friend’s house in Hoboken.

Issue:  At the time, my ‘normal life’ focused on work and my love life. I perceived the worst of my health problems behind me and resisted paying attention to my body’s messages.

Initial resistance:  (Low); I grew up exposed to my Mom’s family intuitive ability. Somehow I seemed to cross paths with different readers during pivotal times in my life.

What’s the point?  People have used tarot cards as a tool in self-awareness, self-improvement and enlightenment since the late 18th century.  Tarot cards are said to help reflect our thoughts and actions and our conscious and subconscious mind.

Personal experience:  Since meeting at the party, I reached out to Sharon for a reading typically twice a year over the phone. She reads tarot based on cards she personally designed using her incredible intuitive gift. This is one of the few healing modalities where I didn’t actively engage in breath work, but  Sharon’s shared many unbelievable messages and insights over the years that have taken my breath away. Sharon is unique because she provides detailed notes after the reading in a document.  Initially I didn’t understand some of her messages-either it didn’t make sense or I thought she was off the mark. Over time I started to notice many of her insights didn’t occur in a linear fashion (i.e.) some of the important messages in my first reading happened five years later. It also took me a little while to pay attention to some of the messages I didn’t want to hear.  When my path got a little perilous in 2008, her insights served to point out hidden clues and served as helpful guideposts to solid ground  in my quest to mind-body-spirit health. Her specific and detailed messages defy logic or rational thought.   She is incredibly skilled in reading someone’s energy.