Operation Save Uterus| Being vs. Doing

In case you’re new to Inspired To Health, Operation Save Uterus is the name I gave my intention to save my uterus from a hysterectomy due to the threat of cancer in 2008. With my uterus intact, I now work as an alternative healer to help women connect to their own healing abilities.

One morning a couple of weeks ago, after taking Louie, my eight pound Malti-Poo, on his 6:30 a.m. walk, I sat on my stoop, catching glimpses of the sun rising over New York City, and called an impromptu meet up with Team Uterus—my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, clitoris, and cervix.

LG: I’m over-thinking what I want to write about in my second Inspired To Health anniversary newsletter. Since I’m feeling reflective and slightly unsettled, and you gals on Team Uterus are the ones who prompted me to turn my life inside out and upside down, I thought it would be helpful to have a chat.

Team Uterus: Inside out and upside down . . . that’s quite the visual, Lorraine. Aren’t you happy you’re focusing on building your alternative healing practice, sharing information about female organ health, and working on your book? That’s quite a journey from focusing on product development in the financial industry.

LG: Yes, I’m happy, for the most part, but I guess I just feel like there’s a part of me that should be building my business, platform, and book better, faster, stronger.

Team Uterus: So you expect to be like Steve Austin from the Six Million Dollar Man show? You expect yourself to be (to quote the show’s introduction) “better, stronger, and faster,” like some kind of superior robot? And better, stronger, or faster than what or whom? Jaimie Sommers, from the Bionic Woman spinoff?

LG: I didn’t set up this exchange to talk about 1970s TV. It’s just that things feel messy in the here and now. At this moment in time, I thought I’d be further along with building my business and platform—more clients, more social media impact, more of my book done.

Team Uterus: Well, life is messy. Think about your monthly cleanse—your period. It’s bold, fluid, colorful, intense, and it can flow outside the lines. Its operating system functions through movement and rhythm. We get a sense that you’re focusing on perceived mistakes too much in your creative process. What if you changed your perception from mistake to misstep?

LG: Hmmmm . . . what do you mean about flipping mistakes to missteps?

Team Uterus: We’ve shared this message with you for quite a while, and we’re happy you’re taking the time to ponder rather than dismiss.

LG: (I shrug my shoulders). I haven’t been dismissing your message, exactly, I’ve just been busy doing stuff.

Team Uterus: We’ll get to your busyness in a minute. The definition of a mistake is an action or judgement that’s misguided or wrong. You didn’t pop out of your mom’s womb with an established healing practice, a Wikipedia knowledge base of the process of every female organ, or the edited manuscript of your book. It was quite a journey to connect with and tap into these passions. You’re learning and adapting as you go. That’s not being wrong or misguided.

LG: (Nodding my head yes) That’s why I enjoy taking improv classes at Improvolution. In improv, they stress that there really are no mistakes. Improv is about being in the moment, about the best creative opportunities presenting themselves when things don’t necessarily go right . . . Okay. I getcha about the mistakes.

Team Uterus: Think about every yoga, Pilates, or dance class you’ve taken. You’re in the class to learn. At times, you’re not in the optimal position, so the instructor comes over and adjusts your body, then you get a sense of what it feels like in the expanded pose or position. You learn from your missteps what doesn’t work, and that knowledge helps you create refinements to align with what does work.

LG: I see what you’re saying. (I hold out my hands out as though I’m doing energy work on an imaginary person.) Releasing and transforming energy blocks is what I do with my clients—I help them shift their energy so they feel a release or they feel different in their physical, emotional, or spiritual body. I’m just helping them tweak themselves to feel better.

Team Uterus: Repeated harsh judgements slow down fluid creativity. When the ovary has a glitch passing the egg to the fallopian tube, the fallopian tube doesn’t express judgements like this: “Ovary, you can’t throw for sh$t. What’s your problem? You always make me have to shake my fimbriae extra hard to get the egg.”

LG: Very true. The unkind judgements people think all the time counter the body’s ability to self-correct and heal. Thanks to Operation Save Uterus and you gals, I learned that valuable lesson. Thanks for hanging with me. I appreciate all your insights. I’m ready to wrap it up for now and figure out what I’m going to write.

Team Uterus: Hold on . . . You do have the technology.

LG: To do what? What are you talking about? Are you girls back on the Six Million Dollar Man theme? Or are you talking about the new cool apps that can track a woman’s monthly cycle or fertility?

Team Uterus: We’re bringing up that you do have the technology to feel less stress, calm your overthinking, and stop beating yourself up. Your core operating system needs time to reset and recharge from doing and/or take a time out from the perception that you’re not doing enough.

LG: You’re bringing up doing versus being . . . again?

Team Uterus: You talk a lot about the difference of Doing vs. being with your clients and sometimes you get caught up with all the doing yourself. Sometimes your fear of doing it wrong prevents you from putting some of your interesting ideas into action. Over-thinking takes over. Your operating system—your technology—works smoother and more efficiently when you’re allowing yourself to Be. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the difference between:

Doing Curiosity, Doing Passion, Doing Creativity, Doing Health, Doing Love


Being Curious, Being Passionate, Being Creative, Being Healthy, Being Love

LG: (I close my eyes and breathe in the vibration of those words.) Being feels better! It’s so easy to get distracted by doing all the time. I see it in myself and in my clients, especially working moms and businesswomen. Typically, when I get too focused on doing, I start feeling like “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m not working enough,” or “I’m not healing enough.”

Team Uterus: We’re not saying you don’t need to do anything. We’re saying that spending more time on being assists us with our internal communication within our own team and with the other vital teams of your body. We need your help in order to take care of what we’re designed to do and be for you. We’re all in this together.

LG: Yes. We really are all in this together. Thank you for all your support and all you do for me. Talk to you later.

Team Uterus: Congrats on your Best of 2015 Award—Reiki Master from Thumbtack. That’s a nice affirmation of your being an energy healer.

LG: Thanks very much! (I stand up to take another look at the sun rising and give a high five to Team Uterus with a big smile on my face and open the door to my place.)

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