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Operation Save Uterus: Womb Pulsing

LG: Howdy. How are you feeling now that we’ve experienced womb pulsing?

Uterus: I’m feeling energized, awake, and deeply reconnected to you. What took you so long to connect with me that way?

LG: Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with womb pulsing until my friend and Womb Priestess Carol Marie Fiorito recently invited me to her event at Womb Awakening NYC.

Uterus: Might be new to you and many others, but womb pulsing isn’t a new healing practice. It originated thousands of years ago and was a common technique by Tibetan Feminine Womb Shamans to release trapped energies around the womb. Womb Shamans, long ago known as Khnadros and then Dakinis, are re-emerging. My dear, even though you and I have connected through Operation Save Uterus during these recent years, and other women are tuning in to their womb connection, honoring the womb and understanding its power isn’t a new phenomenon.

LG: Before we turned into more of a patriarchal, male dominated approach, there was deep reverence for the womb, right? Is that what you mean?

Uterus: Yes. And over the past few thousand years, women have been taught to disconnect and feel shame about their true feminine essence and their relationship to creation and nature. The work you and many other important goddesses are sharing is important now for women—especially young girls—to connect and remember that their body, especially their uterus, womb, and everything related to down there shouldn’t be held in shame or embarrassment.

LG: Strange that most women don’t even realize how disconnected they are from their creative, sensual, primordial power. Thank goodness more and more ladies are remembering, though. Womb pulsing is just one way for women to heal stagnant energy around their sacral and root chakra. There’s a lot  of focus on clearing and opening your heart and head these days, but the womb’s often forgotten.

Uterus: The rhythm of the womb is faint today. This is a time for women to connect to the inherent pulse of the womb that connects to the infinite supply of the power of possibility. There are vast opportunities to give birth to life. Tension, stress, worry, and fear block and constrain currents of energy that are supposed to circulate freely.

LG: Yeah, I mean there are so many imbalances going on like fibroids, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), cancer, fertility issues, difficulties in natural birth. Luckily, there’s a lot more awareness around these issues, and a lot more options available.

Uterus: Additional energy needs to be directed down there, though. Life force energy is universal and available to everyone. Feminine energy holds the key to not only nurturing the life of babies in the womb but to the seeds of desires, dreams, and passions. Raw emotions and feelings are like power conductors. Too often people, especially women, shut down to how they’re feeling, which causes energy to get stagnant. Over time, stagnant energy can turn into physical issues. By women directing their energy down there and being receptive and open to letting go, it will benefit their whole energetic system and allow them to harness their feminine power.

LG: It’s interesting that womb pulsing is known to help endometriosis, fibroids, sexual trauma, fertility, ancestral baggage, improve libido, self-worth, and power. It’s important to note, though, that womb pulsing isn’t beneficial if you’re pregnant or recovering from surgery.

Uterus: There’s such an emphasis for women and men to exercise. It only makes sense that exercising and creating energy movement in the womb could be beneficial to girls and women.

LG: Hhmmmm, the magical mystery portal doesn’t do well with stuck and stagnant energy.

Uterus: As complex, special, and powerful as the womb is, it needs a good workout just like any other organ. Exercise is as important for your heart and other organs as Saduko and other puzzles are for your brain. Why not pulse your womb?

LG: Don’t you think that those reading this are going to think you mean have more sex?

Uterus: Well, sure, sex is a form of energy movement. That’s not what womb pulsing is about. There’s a way to harness sexual energy to manifest and give birth to dreams that doesn’t necessarily involve the act of sex.

LG: Good point. Too many people get hung up on the act of sex rather than harnessing and directing the flow of life force, or Shatki, energy in their lives to unleash their creative power.

LG: When I pulsed my womb, I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to experience the moment without a lot of research or questions.

Uterus: Good. You went with the flow of being in the moment.

LG: Exactly. I don’t want to give too many details away to those in the mix of our convo. The basics worth noting are that womb pulsing is done with a partner and music is involved.

Uterus: Music helps with rhythm—pulsing vibrations!

LG: Oddly enough, Gloria Estefan’s song “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” always comes to me when talking about the womb.

Uterus: O le o le; o le o (uterus does a shimmy and claps her ovary hands together while singing out loud – no eggs were injured in that dance move)

Energy needs to freely flow down there!

LG: It truly was a lovely and memorable experience. My partner made me laugh, and I walked out feeling liberated. Many of the women in the circle shared moving and fun experiences. I was especially touched by a woman who was raped, and womb pulsing allowed her, after many years, to feel as though she reclaimed her power and her connection to her womb.

Uterus: What’s important is that Carol and her partner, the hosts of the event, created a safe and comfortable circle of women and one man to relax and be in the moment. I felt as though I had a good stretch. It helped me to feel lighter. You carried a lot in and around me for a long time, Lorraine. Feels good to share these moments with you.

LG: Aw . . . thanks! (Placing my hands over my womb area, I look down and say out loud.) Thanks for everything you do for me! Get ready for a Mayan massage soon. Lol.

Uterus: Keep the energy moving down there, my friend!

Womb Call to Action

  • Learn more about Womb Pulsing here
  • Seek out womb support! You don’t have to do it alone!
  • Read more about Carol Marie Fiorito and tune in to her insights on an episode of The Womb Happy Hour Hour – listen here
  • Can get to a womb pulsing class? Spend a few minutes a day taking a few deep breaths and allow yourself to descend into your body (out of your head) and direct positive energy to your womb area to enhance your relationship with down there.


womb pulsing