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Ovary Health Mad Lib: Connecting to the Bakers

September is National Ovarian Cancer awareness month. News just broke that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook guru and owner, is going to invest $3 billion dollars for research to cure diseases. That’s great news! All the research, cancer walks, and identifying symptoms about cancer awareness is important and does make a difference.

Looking at the issue of curing diseases from a different perspective, shouldn’t, or couldn’t, the emphasis and focus be louder and stronger on health awareness rather than cancer or other diseases? What kind of possibilities exist by creating a stronger connection to our bodies and health, and focusing our awareness on—and claiming our responsibility to—that relationship in a deeper way? How could that not lead to significant opportunities preventing diseases and/or healing?

For each of us, that connection is as unique and individual as our fingerprints. Creating that connection requires our heartfelt attention.

In my opinion, to build that intimate bond, the process should be fun and playful along the way, yet the fun and playfulness often get lost in the shuffle worrying about “what ifs,” which distract us from the notion that our bodies are designed to heal.

So what’s up with an Ovary Health Mad Lib? When I was younger, I used to crack up doing them alone or with my sister. Filling in the blanks wasn’t only fun, but it turned on my imagination. Couldn’t hurt to spend a few minutes interacting with such a vital part of your health in a fresh and different way. When was the last time you played with your ovaries?

I mean, ladies, your ovaries are the spectacular “bakers” of your female reproductive organs! They cook up all your eggs and are involved in whipping up your hormones.

Don’t wait for bad news to show ‘em some love. If you’re annoyed with them because they’re not operating in sync with you, then why not use a bit humor to diffuse built up tension.

If you want to connect more to your health down there, or anywhere else, and a Mad Lib isn’t floating your boat and giving you a positive lift, consider what does float your boat and makes you feel connected to your body?

Don’t know or aren’t sure? Invest your time to seek out that personal information no one else can provide. Seek it out relentlessly. Do your own inspired research on what makes you feel connected to your mind-body and spirit. Hint: Since it’s about you and your body, it’s got nothing to do with clinical research.

Don’t ignore or postpone investigating and identifying for yourself what it means for you to feel healthy. Allow time to work in your favor. In my opinion, it’s in that buzz of feeling a connection and positive lift that the seeds of health can be cultivated and harvested.



On the first day of autumn I took a ________[noun] around the ______________[noun]. September is

known as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Rather than focus my _________[noun] on cancer, I’m

focusing on _________[verb ending in ing] my health and connecting more to my _________

[adjective] ovaries.


The top three thing(s) I can do to create a ________[adjective] relationship with my ovaries is

to___________[noun, ___________[noun], and __________[noun]. I know that my

____________[noun] are stored in my ________[adjective] ovaries. My ___________[adjective] ovaries

also create a supply of _______[adjective] hormones and different types of ____________[noun] and



During my monthly cycle, when I ovulate I feel like a ____________[adjective]

goddess. Even if I sometimes feel pain ovulating, the pain looks like a ____________[noun describing it],

and I’d like it to transform into a _____________[noun]. The ligaments that support my ovaries remind

me of a ______________[noun] that is ___________[adjective], and ____________[adjective].


Just like Mother Nature knows when a _________[noun] should let go of its leaves, my ovaries are

____________[adjective] enough to know when to ______________[verb] a mature egg for its

__________[adjective] trip to my _________[adjective] uterus.


If my hormonal balance makes me feel like a __________[noun], I know that I can feel

__________[adjective] by ____________ [verb] and ______________[verb]. The more my ovaries and I

_________[verb] together, the more we will grow _________[plural noun].


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