reproductive highlights 2016

Highlights of 2016: Things Are Looking up Down There

The year 2016 brought a lot of unexpected surprises and opportunities related to a lady’s reproductive health. There’s a lot more work to do, but things are looking up down there! Here are five important reproductive highlights from the year:   1)      Innovation and Investment Flow into Menstrual Products   Let the river run with variety […]

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vagina play

Vagina Play: Let’s Shift Taboos

Welcome to it’s time to get over taboos about the vagina. There should be no shame in having a vagina and honoring the super powers that the vagina possesses. I like to refer to the vagina as the party girl because she knows how to have a good time. It’s tough to get into 2000 […]

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sexual energy post election

The Importance of Sexual Energy Post Election

There’s a lot of anger and hostility in the air post-presidential election 2016. There’re also lots of people expressing despair, harsh judgment, and lack of hope for the future. Violence isn’t a solution and only breeds negativity and painful division. It’s concerning. I’ve spent some time the past couple of days sitting in my apartment […]

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turmeric latte potent drink

Turmeric Latte: Potent drink good for down there

Thanks to a Facebook post in a group that I’m part of, my new recent turn on is turmeric lattes. Sencha tea still reigns as my all-time favorite go-to cozy drink, but turmeric lattes have definitely activated my taste buds. A cup of this healthy elixir might not give you a buzz like tossing back […]

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accurate labeling of menstrual products act of 2016

Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016: Call to Action

Are you interested in protecting your female reproductive health? If you answered yes, then I’m asking for your help to sign this petition – Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016 (H.R. 5916) to require companies that make menstrual cups, menstrual pads, tampons, and therapeutic vaginal douche apparatuses to include a list of ingredients […]

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ovary health mad lib

Ovary Health Mad Lib: Connecting to the Bakers

September is National Ovarian Cancer awareness month. News just broke that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook guru and owner, is going to invest $3 billion dollars for research to cure diseases. That’s great news! All the research, cancer walks, and identifying symptoms about cancer awareness is important and does make a difference. Looking at the issue of […]

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