Powerful Beyond Measure: Claim Your Power from Deep Within

      Guest Post by Cynthia Mazzaferro   Do you feel confused, alone, disrespected, not valued, unloved, unheard etc…?    So many of us struggle with these negative thoughts and emotions only to find ourselves in the Dys-Cycle of Self which leads to dissatisfaction, dys-function and dis-ease.   Yes, we create so much, if […]

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stimulate nitric oxide

Stimulate Nitric Oxide for Your Health

  Nitric oxide Nitric oxide Dear healthy gas floating around my body—nitric oxide. Where for art thou? The potent gassy nitric oxide can be found… Outside your body in the form of a pollutant in the environment. Imagine exhaust fumes from cars. Unwelcomed fumes? Fear not. We’re singing the praises of the nitric oxide available […]

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menstrual products bill

Menstrual Products Bill: The Right to Know What’s Down There

Ladies – it’s time to know the ingredients in your tampons, pads and other down there products – like douches and menstrual cups! Wait….you don’t know about the Menstrual Products  Right to Know Act of 2017 that’s before Congress? It’s time for you to know and to take action. Call or email your representative right […]

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womb pulsing

Operation Save Uterus: Womb Pulsing

LG: Howdy. How are you feeling now that we’ve experienced womb pulsing? Uterus: I’m feeling energized, awake, and deeply reconnected to you. What took you so long to connect with me that way? LG: Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with womb pulsing until my friend and Womb Priestess Carol Marie Fiorito recently invited me to her […]

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healing endometriosis

A Womb Journey: Unwinding and Healing Endometriosis

My name is Lorraine Giordano. I’m a Jersey girl who was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006. Such a silly sounding name for such a painful condition. A nurse dropped off the endometriosis news after I had laparoscopic surgery to remove a couple of cysts. It felt like she’d dropped off a fertility bomb. My doc […]

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pregnancy self-care pacakage

Your Personal Pregnancy Self-Care Package

Guest Post by Laura Lacey   Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. The idea that your body is making another human being is pretty amazing. Every woman and every pregnancy is unique but one thing is certain. You need to take care of yourself because your health doesn’t just effect you anymore, […]

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