energy healing

Chair Energy Healing: Letting Go

I decided to haul a folding chair from New Jersey to New York  to do energy healing at a wellness event. The instructions said the hosts wouldn’t provide chairs or tables for practitioners to use during their appointments with guests at the soiree.   I lugged my fake hardwood folding chair along the streets of New Jersey. […]

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weakened pelvic floor

Weakened Pelvic Floor Infographic: 4 Strengthening Tips

Infographic by Carvaka Adult Toys / Post written by Elizabeth Morris A weakened pelvic floor is an issue that many women have; some are open about it and rightly seek help from their medical advisors but there are many women all over the world who suffer in silence with this problem. While it is common, […]

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savasana pose

Savasana Pose Energy Healing

  Reconnecting to my yoga practice after a two month hiatus causes my body to tingle with energy pulses. I notice the rhythm of my heartbeat above the rest of my internal noise as I shift into corpse pose – savasana. The mat on the hard floor welcomes my body as a safe space to […]

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douching risks

Douching Doubles Ovarian Cancer Risk

Recent news that douching doubles ovarian cancer risk of women is concerning. Ladies  – it’s time to let go of your douche and walk away. Send your douche packing! If you think you’re “fixing” a situation down there – consider these 3 reasons why it’s time to go douche-less: 1)      Douching is a very short term […]

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lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Aids Breast Health

  Guest Post by: Loretta T. Friedman, RN,MS,DC,CCN,CNS,DACBN,DCBCN BREAST HEALTH & LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE The question is no longer “Am I toxic,” but rather “How toxic am I?” Unfortunately, we live in an extremely noxious world today. The foods we eat are full of pesticides, and the water we drink rates 3/ppm for chlorine. If this […]

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fertility data

1770s Fertility Data—Not So Fashionable

Would you wear fashion from the 1700s in 2016? Probably not. A lady’s sense of fashion has come a long way since wearing all that coiffed hair, and those corsets, frames, and hats. Think about how heavy all those layers would feel on a hot summer day and how long it would take to remove […]

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