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powerful beyond measure


Guest Post by Cynthia Mazzaferro


Do you feel confused, alone, disrespected, not valued, unloved, unheard etc…? 


So many of us struggle with these negative thoughts and emotions only to find ourselves in the Dys-Cycle of Self which leads to dissatisfaction, dys-function and dis-ease.


Yes, we create so much, if not all of our own unhappiness!


Understanding why and how, we create these self-limiting beliefs, protective mechanisms, and negative expectations can be extremely eye opening and cathartic in eliminating them in our lives.


In Powerful Beyond Measure, an international Book Award Winner and Amazon Best seller, Cynthia Mazzaferro shares with us exactly how to change the way we view ourselves and the life we live.


Cindy helps one Explore their Past and Ease their Pain, Empower their Present and Embrace themselves and Envision their Future and Expand their Possibilities. 


It’s only when we do our own inner work that are inner and outer health can be impacted.


This amazing book really helps the individual to go deep and really create change in their lives.


Did you know that your perception even from your youngest years, including in utero, continues to imprint how you experience life’s circumstances even in our present?


Understanding the emotional energetic charge to your perception of self and how they lie dormant within your physical body will shed light on why so many are experiencing illness, mental and emotional pains.


In Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your POWER WITHIN for a Happy & Healthy Life, Cindy has fabulous exploratory questions and practical techniques that can really identify with clarity your nemesis and ways to break free and consciously change the way you are interacting in your life.


You won’t want to miss looking at the amazing resources Cindy offers on her website to take advantage of the incredible content, books, programs, meditations and coaching.


Feel free to contact her at info@CynthiaMazzaferro.com


Cruise Your Way into Your Personal Power with Cindy Mazzaferro

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Cindy Joins The Womb Happy Hour on Voice America Health & Wellness

Listen to Cindy live on The Womb Happy Hour with host, Lorraine Giordano on August 2, 2017 @ 6PM EST / 3 PM Pacific! 

She’ll be sharing great tips and wisdom about Powerful Beyond Measure!

Click here to listen.

About the Author of Powerful Beyond Measure – Cynthia Mazzaferro

Powerful Beyond Measure

Cynthia Mazzaferro is a Visionary and Motivational Speaker, international award winner and #1 Best-Selling Author, Energy and Medical, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, and Powerful Beyond Measure Life Coach. 

Cindy is a recognized expert on bridging the science between spirit and our limitless human potential. She is a master energy practitioner and an authority on emotional clearing and energetic healing that addresses negative subconscious memory and emotional debris that impacts our health and human performances. 

Cindy helps one master their internal experiences regardless of their external environment. Her passion is to assist people in their personal growth, establishing their inner and outer-health, and awakening their passion and purpose. Her ability to give intuitive readings and focus attention on what individuals need to hear is amazing and very powerful.


  1. Cynthia   •  

    I promise you that this interview will be amazing and open your eyes to how your experience in the womb can also be impacting your present and life. Very powerful and inspiring show! Guest Speaker – Cindy Mazzaferro

    • Lorraine Giordano   •     Author

      Cindy, very excited to have you on the show today! Listeners are in a for a show packed with great info….like how our experiences in the womb can impact our current life and other ways to create powerful changes for inner-growth!

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