A Puzzle: Female Hormones

          Hormones carry significant messages and instructions to our internal system. Female hormones play an important role in the quality of a woman’s health. Currently, a lot of focus is on external messages- emails, texts, tweets, posts etc., but are you focusing on the hormonal messages in your body? The optimal mix is a unique puzzle for each special lady.

Try to find a few important keys related to female hormones using the clues listed below.

puzzle flower hormones

Answers posted May 5th.

  1. STRESS: A fuzzy term commonly used to describe different types of strain or tension. Reports indicate that 75%-90% of all doctor visits relate to this issue.

Stress is an overused general word. Do you know what’s causing your stress? If the goal is to feel less stress- how can you resolve what’s causing your stress it if you don’t identify what is making you feel stressed.

  1. XENOESTROGENS: Man-made and synthetic chemical compounds linked to early puberty and reproductive disorders; these compounds mimic estrogen – a natural hormone (#6).  Research indicates that these foreign types of chemicals accumulate in the body over time.
  2. THYROID: Regulates the release and distribution of hormones; affects your mood, metabolism, reproduction, menstrual cycle, peri-menopause, and menopause.
  3. PROGESTERONE: The balancer hormone that helps relax the muscles of the uterus, maintain a healthy pregnancy and counters the powerful affects of estrogen- #6 . Kicks in during the second half of a woman’s cycle.
  4. CORTISOL: Produced in the adrenal glands and is often triggered by too much of #1-STRESS. Constant demand for this “fight or flight” hormone can cause less amounts of progesterone..
  5. ESTROGEN: An important group of hormones that affects the reproductive organs, heart and blood vessels, brain, skin, hair and bones. Too little will cause a woman to possibly miss her period or contribute to osteoporosis in older women; too much over time can cause serious health issues.
  6. TESTOSTERONE: The “Let’s Get It On” hormone. Influences sex drive, muscle and bone density, skin suppleness and assertiveness. Helps with the production of estrogen – #6.
  7. PITUITARY: Known as the “master” gland; secretes the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) that helps the ovaries select an egg and kicks off the luteinizing hormone (LH) to release an egg from an ovary to journey to the uterus.
  8. PMS: Estimates indicate that at least 85% of women have at least one symptom of this menstrual issue.
  9. BALANCE: A state of physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium.



Lorraine Giordano
Inspired To Health