savasana pose

Savasana Pose Energy Healing


Reconnecting to my yoga practice after a two month hiatus causes my body to tingle with energy pulses.

I notice the rhythm of my heartbeat above the rest of my internal noise as I shift into corpse pose – savasana.

The mat on the hard floor welcomes my body as a safe space to rest.

Even though my palms lie facing upward, I sense my arms are slightly contorted at a strange angle.

Rather than adjust, I leave them alone.

With my body in an imperfect pose, I allow the wind of my breath and unique position to transport me to a mystical place.


Mother earth calls me to recharge with her outside.

I surrender and lie down on the ground.

The outline of my physical form melts into the earth, erasing any trace of separation.

A distracted moment from my breath recreates the separation and swallows me into my thoughts.

How do you spell Savasana?

Is my new male friend 4,020 miles away thinking of me?

Does Acme sell those frozen organic lentils that Pathmark used to sell?

A woman’s words from a recent stress workshop pops up. “I pull my energy close to protect my heart rather than open up.”


A deep inhale and exhale connect me back to the rhythm of my heart.

Mother earth reminds me to relax with her.

With each breath, I see a vortex of energy extend out from my chest.

The energy forms a point at my heart and grows wider as it reaches out.

I yield again and melt into the earth.

A gentle mist of rain clears my thoughts and transforms them into dew drops resting on grass blades around me.

The energy around my heart shifts and spreads upward into a strong soft mountain of white and green pillowy energy.


In this magical moment, the mountain of my heart reaches up taller to get as close to father sky as possible.

With each deep breath and connection to my supernatural internal beat my heart feels expansive and limitless.

Open and unguarded, bliss welcomes the chance to dance freely for a few unexpected moments.

Swirls of gentle life-affirming energy wisp away hardened dust of cynicism and blocks of old wounds during this circular dance.

A deep powerful wave of love flows vibrantly within my heart vortex and beyond.


As fast as this moment emerges is just as fast as it fades away.

The attentive yoga instructor comes into my sacred space to ask if she can adjust my arms.

In my altered state, all I can say is “no.”

I close my eyes again and take a few deep breaths to unsuccessfully reclaim my place with mother earth.


Walking back home, I pause on the sidewalk and smile.

My steps and heart feel lighter than on my walk to class.

I do a slight curtsey to mother earth for her restorative bed within nature,

acknowledging the unique chance to shed and renew within my skin.