Sex Puzzle: Ladies Get it On!







  1. Before you jump on a table or perch yourself in an unusual position to remove your hair down there, are you aware that your Brazilian or using your razor might be increasing your risk of an STD?
    • Odds are you’re favorite waxer isn’t going to talk about STD’s while they’re waxing you. However, recent research shows that waxing and shaving your pubic area may increase your risk of the STD, molluscum contagiosum and genital warts, due to irritation and micro-trauma.
  1. Research indicates that women need up to twenty minutes to feel aroused and orgasmic.
    • Studies indicate that men need require  two to ten minutes to climax, on average women need more time to warm up. This isn’t true for every women, but does indicate a little extra attention can go a long way. Both women and men need less time using self-stimulation.


  1. Men release the chemical, oxytocin, during love making that increases their desire for intimacy and feelings of trust.
    • Men are known to be hunters and gatherers. Back in the day they went out to the field to get what they want. Now they swipe right to find possible action. Luckily, men release oxytocin during love making and other intimate gestures, like holding hands or hugging. Researchers are learning that oxytocin helps men to stick around with their partners and kids.


  1. How well a woman enjoys her partner’s kiss is an important aspect to how she feels about her relationship with her partner and impacts how likely she wants to have sex.


  1. The sacred spot is area of sensitive tissue on the front wall of the yoni behind the pubic bone. In Tantra sex, it’s considered a woman’s emotional sexual center.


  1. The g-spot (also known as the sacred spot) is located on the inside of the vagina.



  1. Higher levels of testosterone is associated with women who climax frequently.
    • Hormonal balance is important for an incredible amount, including your sex drive and sexual satisfaction.


  1. Warming you and your partner’s feet can make it easier to reach orgasm.
    • Put a sock on it! Keeping your feet warm with socks during sex is known to help men and women (especially) climax based on a study. Worth socking around to see if the study is true, now that it’s getting colder.


  1. Birth control contraceptives can contribute to lower testosterone production in women.


  1. Stimulating the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time is known as a blended orgasm.
    • Nothing like a yummy blended smoothie, coffee drink or favorite wine blend. Why not appreciate a blended orgasm? Not sure how to make one, read here.


  1. When the g-spot is aroused it can cause an ejaculation.
    • A female ejaculation always makes me think of Samantha from Sex and the City. The porn industry has taken it a different level. Check out this article to learn why it’s important for women to know where their prostate is located and how to release it.


  1. The smell of licorice is known to stimulate a woman’s libido. The smell doesn’t affect men the same way.
    • The scent of licorice is known to increase sex hormones and promote blood flow to the vaginal area. Instead of reaching for another glass a wine, try the aphrodisiac scent of licorice and/or other natural scents to turn you on.