sexual energy post election

The Importance of Sexual Energy Post Election

There’s a lot of anger and hostility in the air post-presidential election 2016.

There’re also lots of people expressing despair, harsh judgment, and lack of hope for the future.

Violence isn’t a solution and only breeds negativity and painful division.

It’s concerning.

I’ve spent some time the past couple of days sitting in my apartment meditating on where we’re at, and a few times, I asked my dog Louie, “What’s going to shift this negative energy?”

Except for sitting on the couch and barking at dogs walking by, Louie didn’t share any deep answers.

As I was doing some deep breathing this morning a thought bubbled up from Michael Sky’s book Breathing: Expanding Your Power and Energy:


We need more sex.


Here are some excerpts from Breathing that offer clues to moving forward:

“Sexual energy is the energy that connects us to some other – a radiant field emanating out into contact with our world. We are having a sexual experience any time we are feeling a movement toward greater wholeness with some other part of our world.”

“Sexual energy is the raw material of our creative efforts . . . The poet rapturing over the color and smell of a flower is having a peak sexual experience, as may any artist, musician, craftsperson, or performer when they are at their most creative expression. There is a shared sexual energy flowing throughout our social affairs . . .”

“Sex is our awareness of the connecting energies; it is a feeling measure of our connectedness to the living things in our world.”

“An old growth forest can teach us much about sex . . . An old growth forest is great sex—an intricately interwoven and perfectly balanced body of life and death, and left to itself it may go on creating new life forever. Every living thing is making love with every other living thing; affect a relationship and you affect all relationships.”

“Modern industrial culture calls such forests “decadent” and prefers to replace them with straight and sanitary row of mono trees, distinguished by their narrow range of relationship and their sole productive purpose. Modern tree farms show poor resistance to disease and pestilence, fail to hold the soil together, and offer little to the greater family of life. They suffer from an awful sex life and are thus a dying race.”

“Like any “mono-crop” we too are showing weakening resistance to disease and pestilence: our shared creative lifestream is seriously infected. We are limiting our felt, sexual awareness to but a few relations, while contracting from everything else.


What benefit does it serve to direct negative, harsh energy toward someone who doesn’t agree with your opinion? How does this help you to feel free and hopeful?

Rejecting and shouting at the “other side” only produces static noise and stunts growth and forward movement.

Take it one deep breath at a time.


Because both external and internal energies come from the same “breath” or “prana” as our inner environment changes, our relationship with the external world changes too, and the universe becomes much more comfortable to be in. It is as if the outer world of objects and our inner world of senses – our consciousness – were to merge. We support the world, and it supports us and our senses. Our senses give us pleasure, and we feel positive, we project that, and receive back what we project. Inner and outer become harmonized and balanced. Tarthang Tulku


Let’s not contract from each other. Let’s take deep breaths to build creative solutions together rather than isolate ourselves from one another.


Allow the raw juicy juice of our sexual energy to keep us open, adaptable and in a state of expansion rather than shutting down on friends, strangers and the unknown.

“. . . as our breath becomes freer and as we are more consistently resolving past contracted energies, we will find ourselves naturally feeling more sexual.”


Opposing sides are always connected in shared space. We’re all in this together.


Be co-creating – be sexy – be loving.