healthy ayurvedic teas

Healthy Ayurvedic Teas to Warm You Up

For many, it’s winter and it’s quite cold outside! Why not warm up with healthy Ayurvedic teas?   I’m a huge fan of teas made by my friend Idit Or – founder of A&I Nutreats. Idit uses Ayurvedic recipes in all her tea blends for drinkers to appreciate not only the delicious and soothing flavors, […]

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Spotlight on A&I Nutreats: Not Your Ordinary Gluten free, Vegan, Organic Snacks

Many people grew up eating the store bought cookies that their mom bought. They were good, but they lacked any real nutritional value because they were designed to sit on shelves for months and months. Idit Or’s children will be growing up with something very different and that’s because she is the owner of A&I Nutreats where […]

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