sports menstruation

Ayurveda Perspectives on Sports and Menstruation

Guest post on sports and menstruation written by Sinu Joseph  Post originally released in Note from Lorraine: If you’re currently working out in the United States, odds are that if you’re a woman you’re powering through your exercise and training routines. When’s that last time you thought about how your periods  and exercise regimen […]

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womb happy hour

Five Shots of The Womb Happy Hour

In case you’ve been busy relaxing during the end of the summer and didn’t have a chance to tune into The Womb Happy Hour radio show on Voice America Health & Wellness, here are five quick shots of highlights of recent episodes for you to have fun with:   1) Connecting to Your Intuitive Mind […]

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Reasons Not to Bash a Gluten-Free Diet – It’s Not All BS

A recent article in the New York Post, “Gluten-Free is Total BS” caught my attention and rubbed me the wrong way. The article shares one woman’s experience of how going gluten-free made her gain weight and caused her to feel unwell, and makes the point that a gluten-free diet may not be right for everyone. […]

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