womb attack

Are You Experiencing a Womb Attack?

Odds are you’ve heard lots of information about what causes heart attacks—aka myocardial infarctions—and how to prevent them.   Ladies, I’d like to pose this question: Have you ever considered that your womb or female reproductive health could also encounter a kind of “down there” attack that could influence the health of your menstrual flow, […]

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womb pulsing

Operation Save Uterus: Womb Pulsing

LG: Howdy. How are you feeling now that we’ve experienced womb pulsing? Uterus: I’m feeling energized, awake, and deeply reconnected to you. What took you so long to connect with me that way? LG: Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with womb pulsing until my friend and Womb Priestess Carol Marie Fiorito recently invited me to her […]

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How To Be A Trusted Friend to Your Female Organs

          Let’s Talk Girlfriends and Your Female Organs  highlighted just how closely your female organs—your Vulva, Vagina, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Uterus and Cervix—work together, each fulfilling her unique role in your female reproductive health.  Paying attention to both loud and subtle messages from your female organs supports your health. Dis-connecting or ignoring the messages your […]

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