womb happy hour

Operation Save Uterus: The Womb Happy Hour Radio Show

  As I sit at my desk in my apartment, my mind races about what I’ll say on my first radio show—The Womb Happy Hour on VoiceAmerica. My stomach feels tight and anxious. I realize it’s time to have a chat and connect to my girlies—Team Uterus (My uterus, vagina, ovaries, cervix, clitoris, and fallopian […]

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Inspired To Health

Inspired To Health Re-launch

I’m excited to re-launch my website—Inspired To Health! It was time to shed the old look and feel of my previous website to create a new and improved cycle.   What is Inspired To Health? The word health comes from the Old English word hale, which means wholeness, being whole. As an energy healer, I’m […]

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uterus madlib

Mad Libs: Connecting to the Uterus—the Nurturer

Ladies – when was the last time you played a game and spent creative time with your uterus – the most nurturing of all your female reproductive organs? Take a minute to connect and have some fun with this unique Mad Lib on the Uterus! I _______ _ [adverb] connected to my uterus today. Out of […]

Operation Save Uterus| Being vs. Doing

In case you’re new to Inspired To Health, Operation Save Uterus is the name I gave my intention to save my uterus from a hysterectomy due to the threat of cancer in 2008. With my uterus intact, I now work as an alternative healer to help women connect to their own healing abilities. One morning […]

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How Are You Wearing Your Breasts?

I’ve been thinking  a lot about my boobs and our collective bosoms lately. It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness month. When my boobs started to bloom I was nervous about them growing too big or small. The only time I ever got into a physical altercation was defending my boobs in junior high school after […]

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The Passing of a Favorite Energy Healer

My abuela—Grandma Tina—passed away on May 19, 2015, in Frisco, Texas. She was 92. Beautiful, strong, determined, highly intuitive, and complex, she lived a rich life. Rich—not in money, but love. As I sat at her service and listened to my mom, aunts, and cousins share insights and memories about her, it dawned on me […]

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