sports menstruation

Ayurveda Perspectives on Sports and Menstruation

Guest post on sports and menstruation written by Sinu Joseph  Post originally released in Note from Lorraine: If you’re currently working out in the United States, odds are that if you’re a woman you’re powering through your exercise and training routines. When’s that last time you thought about how your periods  and exercise regimen […]

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accurate labeling of menstrual products act of 2016

Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016: Call to Action

Are you interested in protecting your female reproductive health? If you answered yes, then I’m asking for your help to sign this petition – Accurate Labeling of Menstrual Products Act of 2016 (H.R. 5916) to require companies that make menstrual cups, menstrual pads, tampons, and therapeutic vaginal douche apparatuses to include a list of ingredients […]

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Operation Save Uterus| Being vs. Doing

In case you’re new to Inspired To Health, Operation Save Uterus is the name I gave my intention to save my uterus from a hysterectomy due to the threat of cancer in 2008. With my uterus intact, I now work as an alternative healer to help women connect to their own healing abilities. One morning […]

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The Robin Danielson Act of 2014

There is a significant amount of information in the media about toxins in foods and daily household products – makeup, detergents, toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, nail polish, and perfume. However, there is barely a whisper in the media about The Robin Danielson Act of 2014 and the risks of using tampons and pads made from synthetic fibers, undisclosed perfumes and dioxin – a […]

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The Moon and Menstrual Cycles: Keeping In Sync

          One of the perks of growing up in Suffern, New York was spending time at the Suffern High School planetarium. As a young girl I’d stare in awe into the darkness at the stars, planets and moon. The planets reminded me of different types of candy and the constellations appeared as an amazing game […]

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