times up on hysterectomies

Times Up on Hysterectomies as #2 Women’s Surgery

Hysterectomies – surgery to remove the uterus from its home – is the second most common performed surgery on women. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic waves a concerning flag that having the procedure can increase your risk of serious health issues i.e. heart disease, obesity. Times up on lots of things lately related […]

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yoga mat making you sick

Is Your Yoga Mat Making You Sick?

As we kick off a new year, 2018, there are thousands of conversations about goal setting, especially related to improvements to health. You might be making changes to your diet, workouts, and mind-set. Including yoga in your life or committing to yoga in a deeper way could be one of your resolutions. If yoga is […]

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chrysalis of #metoo

Ruminations Post Episode of Inside the Chyrsalis of #MeToo

I’ve been ruminating too much about my recent episode on The Womb Happy Hour about the #MeToo movement.   What’s funny is that during the show, I talked about how women tend to over think things and it prevents them from acting – making decisive decisions and making forward movement. Over-thinking doesn’t optimally serve women. […]

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