The Passing of a Favorite Energy Healer

My abuela—Grandma Tina—passed away on May 19, 2015, in Frisco, Texas. She was 92. Beautiful, strong, determined, highly intuitive, and complex, she lived a rich life. Rich—not in money, but love. As I sat at her service and listened to my mom, aunts, and cousins share insights and memories about her, it dawned on me that my Grandma Tina had been a formidable energy healer.

Grandma Tina and I never talked about healing or my alternative healing practice. She knew I’d left the financial industry to start my own business helping women feel less stress, but I never went into detail. We talked more about food. She excitedly shared recipes and tips about the tasty herbs and spices she cooked with.

We also talked about her life. My favorite moments with her were when we hung out, one-on-one, and she told me intimate stories about how she’d met my grandfather or tough times when she was a little girl. She often pulled out her collection of jewelry, sharing the history of a pretty ring or necklace she’d received fifty years ago or a trinket she’d been given as a birthday or Christmas gift. After our chats, she sat me down to a home-cooked dinner. Her food was incredible. She made the best arroz con pollo with fried plantains I’ve ever tasted.

It was only after my abuela’s passing that I realized she shared universal truths about life that echoed many of the best energy healers I read or heard about. Here are three examples:

  1. Manifest your desires.

Orphaned at two, with no formal education, my grandma possessed an incredible ability to manifest her wishes, including supporting her five children as a single mother, saving enough money for a piece of jewelry that caught her attention, and taking exotic trips to Hawaii, Italy, and the Caribbean. She often advised me to close my eyes and focus on what I wanted with all my heart. It didn’t matter if it didn’t show up right away. She stressed how important it was for me to believe that whatever I wanted was on its way and to keep seeing and feeling it. Did her approach at times cause some ruffled feathers in my family? Sure, but she manifested her desires and made things happen.

Whatever you put your attention on through thought or desire becomes reality. By focusing on what you don’t have, that situation of not-having will also be your reality. You attract to yourself things or people that are the equivalent of your current state of being, or ‘vibration.’”—Esther and Jerry Hicks

Suggested reading: Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

2. Do it with Love.

At my grandma’s service, my mom shared that my abuela often cooked tamales—always using quality ingredients—and sold them to support her family. Even though people said her tamales were more expensive than others, many of those people continued to order from her because her tamales tasted extra delicious. Blessed with the ability to cook and bake, she shared her gift with others to bring abundance to her family. For as long as I can remember, Tina was a phenomenal cook, eliciting exclamations of glee and demands for more from family and friends. Her most demanded food was carinamanolas, or “footballs,” a Panamanian comfort food. She also baked delicious cakes, especially her sweet yellow cake recipe known as “grandma special.” I believe her food tasted so good because she infused her dishes with love.

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”—Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer recently transitioned too. He touched many lives, including mine, with his inspiring insights and wisdom.

Suggested reading: “Getting in the Gap: Interview with Wayne Dyer,” by Julia Griffin

3. Connect to your Feminine Energy.

My Grandma Tina was a gorgeous lady on the inside and out. Even when she reached 90 years of age she looked like she was 70. The most glamorous at family events, she lit up a room with her luminous glow and bright smile, always framed with robust lipstick. She knew how to take care of and adore her feminine side because it made her feel good. Besides accessorizing with brilliant jewels, she kept her skin soft with special creams, spritzed her wrists and throat with luscious scents, and took excellent care of her hair and nails, even during her last days. She often stressed that women needed to remember they were women, not men. Although I don’t think I ever heard my abuela use the word “goddess,” her actions indicated she knew the importance of treating herself like one.

“The Sacred Bombshell knows that her creative energy is a catalyst. She remembers her womb wisdom.”—Abiola Abrams

Suggested reading: The Feminine Woman

I miss my grandma. I’m filled with deep gratitude for my time with her and all the memories. It makes me smile to think she’s reunited and cooking up a storm for my grandpa, Popi; Tia Carmen; and Tio Jorge. She won’t be listed in any books with the energy shifters of our time, but her energy dramatically transformed those close to her. From her example, I’ve come to believe, whether we realize it or not, we’re all energy healers in our own unique way.

 Abuela_Energy healer

Lorraine Giordano
Inspired To Health