Thoughts of Spring


Every winter, the little girl in me stares out the window pondering the stark harsh look and feel of the cold air and snow on the ground.

Without fail, I wonder how many heavy thoughts accumulated during the year that would have to be plowed.

Where did all those unfinished scary, fearful, negative weighty thoughts go? Since their energy existed . . . they had to go somewhere?

These past few winters seem as though the huge amounts of snow meant there might be too much thinking going on.

During those cold days, I multiply the trillions of thoughts in my own head with everyone else’s in my surrounding area and beyond to calculate the numbers.

Placing both hands on the window, with a deep sigh, my little girl always gives a nod, knowing that however harsh the outside world appears or feels, Mother Nature has it covered in due time.

Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom has always known how to let those blocked and dark thoughts flow.

When the weight of all our collective thoughts gets too heavy, the energy of each burdened thought is used to create a snowflake to fall from the sky to clear and release the thought.

That’s why no two snowflakes are the same. Every thought generated by its maker carries its own special pattern.

As winter approaches, like magic, the ground hardens in the cold to graciously catch and receive all the unfinished ideas from the year to be recycled and transformed.

As my little girl freely walks outside in the fresh spring sun, she skips in glee and in deep amazement.

Although powerful and strong, Mother Nature is soft enough to allow all those released thoughts to transform and spring forth into fresh blooms filled with vibrant color, sweet smells, and nature’s silky touch.

I giggle and hum as I hear the birds sing loudly, and I pluck a new bud to carry in my hand.



Lorraine Giordano
Inspired To Health