times up on hysterectomies

Times Up on Hysterectomies as #2 Women’s Surgery

Hysterectomies – surgery to remove the uterus from its home – is the second most common performed surgery on women. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic waves a concerning flag that having the procedure can increase your risk of serious health issues i.e. heart disease, obesity. Times up on lots of things lately related to women. Let’s add another item to the list – awareness and conversation that its times up on hysterectomies as a woman’s #2 surgery to handle “down there” challenges.


Some common challenges that women experience mentioned are fibroids, endometriosis and prolapse.


Curious about what’s on top of the list?


The number one surgery performed on women: C-sections.


Hold on for a second – I’m not suggesting that women should avoid having a hysterectomy at all costs. For some women it’s critical and can be lifesaving with advanced stages of cancer. At the end of the day it’s a woman’s choice.


However, women should be informed of alternative solutions because in many cases it’s not necessary to let your uterus wander out of your body.


Hmmmm…riddle me this:


Why is that for all the technological and information advancements, many women are having surgery to give birth to their babies out of their bellies rather than their vaginal birth canals?


Also – why are approximately 600,000 uteruses removed from a woman’s body when it’s a significant collaborator and supporter connecting to hormones, heart health and a host of other critical processes?


Check out the article. I didn’t do the study – the Mayo Clinic did.


I focused on my own personal research. How’s your personal exploration going?


If you ask me, I don’t think traditional medicine understands the nuances of a woman’s body and health and many women aren’t taught to connect to their uterus/womb and feminine energy.


But Lorraine…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m not a doctor, nor do I play on TV. I do energy healing and I host a radio show called The Womb Happy Hour on Voice America Health & Wellness. I also saved my uterus from a hysterectomy in 2008. My oncologist wasn’t a big fan of my approach and certain people thought it was risky.


Here’s a short cliff note version of my story:


When my doc told me I needed a #hysterectomy, due to atypical hyperplasia and endometriosis, I heard a quiet whisper that said I didn’t need to lose my uterus, I needed to love myself more.


I also heard the question – even if I did have my womb removed – would it make me healthy?


My answer was a loud “No.”


I felt inspired to form an alliance. My relationship wasn’t based on what anybody else said I had to do. Operation Save Uterus was born and dramatically changed and transformed my life for the better.


I let my uterus and supporting friends – my ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, cervix, clit etc fill me on what was missing and what would help support down there. I formed an intimate relationship with my body and what my uterus meant to me in my life, even with all the pain I experienced.


I asked questions and I got valuable information back.


I made different choices based on that information and opened up to trusting my body.


Mindfulness is a big topic these days. I agree with the trend and strongly feel women would benefit from including wombfulness into their lives.


Now at this point, I’m sure there are a few people reading this who just rolled their eyes and said some sarcastic remarks. I totally get it. I was once full of lots of eye rolls.


Let me ask you – do you know what version phone you’re using every day?


Do you make sure your phone is charged so its powered up and make sure it gets all the necessary upgrades etc in order for you to communicate and use it?


Let’s remember the phone that’s in your hand all the time, that we all are looking for the flashing light for a message, is plastic. A piece of plastic is a critical relationship that you spend a lot of time taking care of.


How much time are you taking care of your uterus and health down there?


When’s the last time you put your hands on your lower belly and spent a few moments and added a few deep breaths with your eyes closed?


If you’re interested in having a pain free periods or want to have a baby or babies or want to feel hormonally balanced or want to create and transform something in your world….are you investing any time in your partnership with yourself? It doesn’t get as intimate when it comes to you and how you relate to yourself.


Sincerely ask yourself if you’ve paid close attention to any of the messages your body is sending you?


The stuff down there is not plastic.


It’s alive! You’re alive!


Your uterus is powerful and it’s looking for your engagement and connection.


Recently millions of women marched together around the world for thousands of important reasons. Brava! The day before that march lots of ladies marched for other reasons. Disease doesn’t care about your politics. Disease and health are neither red or blue.


During this sea of change, I truly believe that it’s important for each lady of every age to march, skip, dance, run, hike, float or whatever inspires you to connect to your uterus/womb.


Down there is a critical ingredient to healing & balancing masculine & feminine energy individually and collectively.


Your uterus is a magical mystery portal with the power to give birth and create dreams and should not be underestimated or ignored.


Not sure where to start?


Think of how many times you ask your family, friends and even strangers – how are you? Why not ask your uterus?

– Or –

Ask yourself what’s your relationship to your uterus/womb and what does it mean to you?


Hopefully one day soon times up on hysterectomies and they will no longer be the popular go to solution for women.

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