How To Be A Trusted Friend to Your Female Organs

          Trust pic 011714 (2)Let’s Talk Girlfriends and Your Female Organs  highlighted just how closely your female organs—your Vulva, Vagina, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Uterus and Cervix—work together, each fulfilling her unique role in your female reproductive health.  Paying attention to both loud and subtle messages from your female organs supports your health. Dis-connecting or ignoring the messages your body shares can be hazardous to your well-being.  The American Cancer Society estimated that, in 2013, 91,730 women were diagnosed with gynecologic cancer and 28,080 lovely ladies died. Not pretty. [In 2015 the number has increased to 98,280 women would be diagnosed and 30,440 would die based on the American Cancer Society.]

          This sobering statistic should convince you of the importance of keeping the lines of communication open—with your female organs, your doctor(s) and other healers. The trust built between girlfriends typically is formed by strong communication- listening, noticing, talking it out and offering support in good and bad times.  The more involved you are in your female organ health, the more it can help to make precious time your ally.

          So, what are those loud and subtle messages from your girlfriends—female organs—down south? When your ladies operate in the flow, it’s hard not to notice—wide smiles, giggling, all the ladies are engaged in conversation free of pain and uncomfortable symptoms. The energy pulsates as your ladies vibe—enjoying the moment. Good times are easy, but during tough times, communication is even more important. When out of kilter, your female organs may not communicate so directly- perhaps they share only subtle messages that something’s not right. You can easily overlook their subtle messages if you don’t intimately know your gals well and if you’re not aware of the signs.

          Have you ever experienced a friendship growing distant but felt uncomfortable talking about it with your friend? The more time that passes, the harder it is to discuss and heal any wounds. The earlier you talk it out, the quicker the balance of the group is restored. It’s that way with your organs, too!

          Imagine if our bodies were designed so that all our organs were flipped on the outside. One of the ladies in your clique might say, “What’s up with the cysts sista? Or “What’s with those fibroids on your ovaries?” or “Girl, you got some serious scar tissue growing around that uterus—maybe that’s why your period sends you into bedridden spasms every month.” Or even, “What’s going on with that rash down there, girl?”

          There’s a whole lot of complex activity going on inside your body that is not easy to see, but if you feel pain, discomfort, pressure, itching, and changes to your menstrual frequency or gas, something’s not right—your girls are talking to you…are you listening?

          You are the main “friendship” keeper of the group, the intimate confidante. You hang out with your organs 24/7—year after year, whether you acknowledge them or you’re just texting on your cell phone ignoring those girls down there.

          You are your organs’ advocate and the only one who can give them a voice.  Because you know what feels and looks normal, you are the only one who can be a first responder —to take action to help get things back in balance. The only gynecological cancer that is screened for is cervical cancer. It’s up to you to stay alert for signals that something is off with your organs.

          You can view common symptoms of different gynecologic issues at the website links below. Many symptoms of different diseases are similar. As helpful as the information is, each woman’s body is unique and different. One size does not fit all. Receiving messages from your female organs and your overall body is a present—a personal gift—because it provides you the opportunity to get to the root cause and to work out the underlying issue or dis-ease. Don’t let valuable time go by! Seek help!

Friendly girlie tips:

  • Choose to pay attention to the messages your female organs are sharing.
  • In order to keep time on your side- if something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore your symptoms.
  • Seek out help and support from your doctor(s) and other healers.
  • Create a daily sacred quiet space in order to connect to your body. Ask your body what it needs. Trust in the answers.

For more information on common symptoms:



  1. Mira   •  

    Great reminder to keep in touch with our lady parts! Very usefull tips. Keep them coming!!!

  2. Ignatia   •  

    Well said, we are listening… yes we tend to ignore signs and hope things will sort themself out, best we listen to our bodies and see a Dr as early as possible

    • lorraine   •     Author

      It’s really important to not ignore signs! It also helps to let go of old energetic wounds! Thank you Ignatia!

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