vagina play

Vagina Play: Let’s Shift Taboos

Welcome to it’s time to get over taboos about the vagina. There should be no shame in having a vagina and honoring the super powers that the vagina possesses. I like to refer to the vagina as the party girl because she knows how to have a good time.

It’s tough to get into 2000 years of non-ideal “media” about the vagina in a blog post. The good news is that more or more young and old ladies are elevating the conversation about the vagina and her supporting girlfriends – the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and clit.

There’s still a lot of opening up and sharing that’s needed as we approach 2017. Time for vagina play!

A British organization, Ovarian Cancer Action, recently did a women’s health study that highlights existing taboos related to girls/women shame about their bodies.  Here are a few troubling takeaways:


  • 66% of young women said they’d be embarrassed to say the word “vagina” to their doctors.


  • 57% said they’d rather google their symptoms than go to an OB-GYN for a sexual health issue.


These taboos and lack of communication have a serious negative impact to a woman’s emotional and physical health. How many health opportunities are missed for women because of feeling uncomfortable or nervous to mention a vital body part or describing what’s going on there?

Let’s face it – there are a lot of vaginas out there….millions upon millions. They’re everywhere. It’s it time for us to be able to talk about it freely rather than it be an unmentionable.

My theory is that it’s time to play, ponder, place one of your feminine super power on your radar in order to appreciate your magnificent vagina.

Here’s a puzzle to get you thinking about your vagina in a different way. If you’re not used to saying the word out loud, try to see how many times you can bring up “vagina” in conversation. Could be fun!



vagina play



  1. A pelvic floor strengthening exercise linked to creating stronger orgasms.


  1. Term related to the upper two-thirds of your vagina that expands for sperm to move to the promised land of your egg.


  1. Thin skin lightly covering vagina that you may or may not be born with. No worries if you don’t have one and it’s possible you were born with one but it broke due to exercise or falling.


  1. Transudation – a term you don’t hear every day – is a special process where mucous moves through the vaginal wall for moisture and what?
  2. Your vagina is a unique shape shifter! Because of its __________ nature it can impressively expand while having sex and while giving birth.



  1. The name of the glands related to 8 across that keep things moist while aroused.


  1. When it comes to orgasm there’s a known link between the location of the opening of vaginas and __________. The further from this part is to the vaginal opening  a lady might have a harder time having an orgasm.


  1. Because the vagina comes in all shapes and sizes avoid thinking that you don’t have a _________ one.


  1. A turned on vagina grows how much in size?


  1. The G-spot is well known but a sex researcher has also found the _________spot located above the G-spot along the middle of the vaginal wall. Could be worth your personal research for the good of science!


Thanks for taking the time to vagina play! Make your holiday season memorable – don’t forget to use vagina in conversation and spend some time appreciating all the amazing super powers your vagina possesses.